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Ann Wool is a Partner and President of Ketchum Sports & Entertainment. Based in New York, she consults with teams and clients around the Ketchum network to develop strategies that leverage sports and sponsorship investments. Prior to joining Ketchum, Ann spent 10 years at Edelman Worldwide where she played an instrumental role in establishing a sports and sponsorship marketing practice, and worked with a wide range of companies across many business sectors. She has received several industry awards for her work including a PRSA Silver Anvil Award of Excellence, a CIPRA from industry publication Inside PR, a Golden World Award from the IPRA and a Big Apple Award from the New York Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

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The Influencer Relations Gold Rush: How to Find a Nugget

The 1848 discovery of gold in a hitherto sparsely populated part of the world called California sparked one of history’s classic gold rushes. Gold fever brought thousands of migrants to the region, saw entire gold mining ecosystems spring up almost overnight and set California on a new trajectory.

Fast-forward 168 years and another type of gold rush is in full swing. This time in a hitherto under-populated part of the communications industry called influencer relations. Once again entrepreneurs are flooding in, new ecosystems are popping up, and the historical status quo looks sure to be disrupted – as PR, digital and advertising firms all seek to own this expertise.

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Ketchum Influencer: A more evolved global approach to influencer relations

As companies everywhere embrace influencer relations, many face the same question – how do you combine the art of co-creating brand storytelling with the science of delivering hard data to select influencers and measure real business results?

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Our View From Inside the Olympic Games Bubble

Even though this is my 13th Olympic Games, each experience is unique. I’m proud to be here with a record number of Ketchum colleagues on-site from 10 cities around the world (and our partners at MMC) to staff six different client programs.

We’re managing everything from press events to athlete services. We’re in the Olympic Village, we’re in the sponsor parks, we’re in the main media centers. While you’re seeing beautiful coverage in your home countries around the world, here is what the view inside the bubble looks like from an insider’s point of view! (click to tweet).

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Influencer Relations Has Officially Made it to High School

As with every new marketing discipline, it takes a few years of trial and (sometimes epic) error before the training wheels are cast aside, and it’s ready to be part of the core communications mix. After attending VidCon 2016 in Anaheim last week, I can say, with confidence, influencer relations has basically hit high school—finding its place in the world and doing so with more discipline. It has grown into a bright, intelligent, creative and more calculated instrument in the marketing toolbox. Amid the brilliant, creative and highly effective creator/brand partnerships, there are still some that make you scratch your head, but that’s high-schoolers for ya!

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A Tale of Two Cities: Sochi and New York/New Jersey

Super Bowl XLVIII and the start of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games are just five days apart: one in New York/New Jersey, and one in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi, Russia. In the PR world, this presents us with a collision of epic proportions to manage as we juggle numerous simultaneous projects.

As a sports marketing professional, I can say for certain that the adrenaline my team is feeling right now is not so different from the world-class athletes who are gearing up to take their place on the world’s stage. The same is true for many major brands and corporations that are sponsoring these events – something they likely have been planning for months or even years. Each city is poised to welcome the global attention and the incredible excitement of the greatest athletes in fierce competition at the pinnacle of their careers.

Here’s a look at some of the interesting comparisons:

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