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As Ketchum's Worldwide President, Barri Rafferty works closely with Chairman and CEO Rob Flaherty and other leaders of the firm to guide agency strategy and business development. In addition, Rafferty leads Ketchum’s nine offices in North America as well as Ketchum Digital and Ketchum Sports & Entertainment. She also oversees complementary businesses Access | Emanate Communications, Capstrat, Harrison & Shriftman and Interfuse Communications. Rafferty is part of the 20-member Global Leadership Council, which focuses on guiding Ketchum’s strategy, client service and performance. Barri has a legacy of client service and continues to advise many of the agency’s largest clients. Outside of Ketchum, she participates in a number of groups including the sustainability taskforce for the World Economic Forum and is a member of Arthur W. Page Society Page Up program. Rafferty sits on the board of StepUp, an organization with the mission of empowering girls from under-resourced communities to become confident, college-bound, and career focused and she is also a member of the governing body of OmniWomen, Omnicom’s Leading Women’s Network, for which she holds quarterly panel discussions featuring prominent women. She is the recipient of the Plank Center Milestones in Mentoring Award. Barri is a graduate of Boston University (M.A) and Tulane University and enjoys watching soccer, volleyball, and dance - especially when her son and daughter are involved! Connect with her on Twitter: @barrirafferty

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A Place for VR and IRL at the Beach and at the Communications Table: Ketchum Launches Ketchum VR

From the beaches of Cannes for the Cannes Lions Festival this week, to the beaches of Rio for the upcoming Olympic Games, this summer brands will turn out more VR content than ever before. In fact, Deloitte Global projected VR will hit $700m in hardware sales in 2016, with roughly 2.5 million VR headsets and 10 million game copies to be sold. As VR breaks out of the early adopter phase and finds its way into the homes of millions more people, Ketchum is already taking clients into this virtual future.

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Cannes Most Wanted: Inspiration, Immersion & Whiplash

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is one the largest and most highly respected global events in our industry. Originally devoted to Advertising, it was recast as a festival and awards program focused on creativity in 2009, elevating the event to a broader celebration of creativity across all forms of marketing communications.

With more than 500 stage events and sessions over 8 days and nightly award shows — 43,000+ award entries submitted across 24 categories — there is so much to do, see and be inspired by at Cannes.

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#IWD2016: A Global Pledge for Parity

Colleagues from Brandzeichen in Duesseldorf celebrating International Women’s Day.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day (IWD), a day initially launched in 1909 in the U.S. and adopted by the United Nations to commemorate the U.S. women garment workers’ strike in 1908, which was staged to draw attention to unfair and unsafe working conditions for women.  The movement was triggered by a fire that killed many women working for unfair wages in unsafe conditions in the industry.  Since the early 1990s, International Women’s Day has been widely recognized globally by businesses, governments and nonprofit organizations.

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(VIDEO) Global Insights from a World Forum

Before attending the World Economic Forum, I spent a lot of time thinking about which sessions to attend and tried to cover diverse topics relevant to our clients and staff. I published a series of blog posts and hosted a webinar, yet there were still many questions left unanswered. As the delegate representing our agency, I put out a call across Ketchum inviting everyone to send me their most burning questions (click to tweet). Here is a sampling of the questions that arose, and the answers that I found.

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WEF: The Imperfect Perfect Leader

At Davos, it is sometimes the event you walk into alone with no expectations that turns out to be the most thought-provoking, and last week’s Harvard Business Review dinner at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting was just that. I signed up for the event because I truly enjoyed Bill George’s book, “True North.” Little did I know I would end up seated among a table of Harvard University graduates and next to the Dean of the Harvard Business School, Nitin Nohria, who was inspirational and a fearless listener.

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Six Tips for Brands to Get Smarter About Smartphones

Versions of this article appeared on CNBC.com and the World Economic Forum Blog: Agenda

The remote control revolutionized how we watched TV—turning some of us into couch potatoes. We no longer had to manually get up to pick one of a few channels. The entry of the remote control in 1955 made channel surfing possible, allowed us to avoid commercials and forced brands to work harder for our attention.

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24 Hours in Davos

As Seen In… PRWeek

Day one in Davos has come to an end and I can say with certainty that I’ve walked away with some important learnings – some that make me optimistic for the future, others that are more concerning, writes Barri Rafferty at Ketchum.

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WEF: Why it Matters

The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting begins tomorrow in Davos, Switzerland. With a mission to improve the state of the world, the Annual Meeting often shapes the agenda of the political, economic and social landscape for the year ahead. This year’s theme, Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, promises to be one of the most compelling in the organization’s 40-plus year history.

Each year, all eyes are on Davos, high up in the Swiss Alps, as more than 2,000 heads of business, government officials, and nonprofit and religious leaders convene to discuss some of the world’s most pressing issues and plan for the future.

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Refugees, Robotics and Revolutions: A Look Ahead at Davos 2016

As you would expect at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, a major economic gathering of world leaders, the topics of discussion include Asia in the digital age, understanding Islam, Europe at tipping point, the future of Russia, and Sub-Saharan Africa in transformation. But to me, what is even more telling about where the world is going are the new vertical topics and how these emerging trends will affect our day-to-day lives (click to tweet).

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Networking: How I Became a “Hunter”

Someone recently asked me, “How can I become a stronger networker and turn relationships into business?” I thought about the question for a while before answering. What have I gained from the multitude of events and professional mixers I have attended through the years? It was not always easy for me to network, how did it become so natural?

The answer? Networking is work and a skill that takes practice. And it’s not unlike working out.

I had weak abs before I decided to focus on them. Now I can do 200 sit ups. It was hard at first, but I kept at it. Networking is no different. You have to keep working that muscle. Keep walking into that room full of people you don’t know, tamp down that anxiety. Start small. Make milestones. “I will meet five new people today.” Then 7, then 10.

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