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Bill has been building, defending and supporting brands for nearly 25 years. With a background in strategic planning and creative development, Bill puts his curious mind to work for the benefit of clients every day. Bill started his career in Washington, D.C. and has been based in New York and working globally in every major business capitol (and even a few small towns) for the bulk of his career. Bill has worked across most categories in the consumer brand space from fashion and apparel to consumer electronics to automotive to FMCG.

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SXSW 2017: Rebooting Your Heart-Drive

SXSW is well-known as the launchpad for many technology start-ups like Twitter, FourSquare and Meerkat. While there are fewer breakout launches these days, the tech talk was still abundant with panel after panel diving deep on AI, VR, AR and an entire alphabet soup of acronyms changing the media, communications and computing landscape. One thing that stuck out this year was that conversations around love, empathy, creativity and humanity rose above the cacophony around speeds and feeds. This SXSW seemed more about emotions than emojis.

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Re: Defining Dad for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner in the U.S., it seems like an appropriate time to reflect on what it means to be a father or “Dad” today. The long standing tradition of the stoic, uninvolved father has been challenged for many years, but now more than ever we are seeing evidence of Dads redefining their role as parents. That re-DAD-fining (sorry, couldn’t resist), combined with a beautiful and inclusive re-definition of what a “family” is, has paved the way for more people to be open and engaged parents and for more children to have a meaningful connection with those parents.

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The New Man Code

Men are big, lumbering dopes who hate shopping, love cars and whose singular view of romance is a 4:00 PM dash to the florist the day before Valentine’s Day, right? Of course not.

We all know that a stereotypical view of the modern man is as accurate–and potentially offensive–as a 1960s view of all women as Betty Draper-types.

In concept, everyone knows that men are far more multifaceted than a marketer’s demographic PowerPoint presentation would suggest. But when it comes time to set strategy and brand direction, many marketers fall into timeworn, comfortable–and dangerous–habits. They disregard what they know and lean on what they think they can prove. That mindset often results in a one-dimensional view of men.

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How Do You Continue to Show That #LoveWins

Last Friday’s SCOTUS decision for marriage equality was a historic event and, while there were some vocal detractors, the chorus of those celebrating the decision was heard far and wide – coming from individuals, organizations, governments and notably, brands. The speed with which rainbow hued celebratory logos, specialized social media content, print ads and even light projections on the White House appeared showed that many were preparing for this moment for weeks (if not months), and stood at the ready to share their support live and in full (rainbow) color. If content is the currency of the Internet, the speed with which it appears accelerates its value.

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The Evolution of Man

Marketing to Men

With Father’s Day just around the corner there has been much talk about the evolution of the modern man and today’s dads. So who is the modern man and what does he want?

We were curious too since much of our work and many of Ketchum’s clients focus on the male consumer.  So we asked 900 men in the U.S., age 18-49, to probe how they talk about relationships, sex, health, appearance and careers. We validated some ideas and also made some interesting discoveries.

The headline – we’ve stepped out of the cave!

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