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Craig Werwa is SVP / Creative Director across multiple touchpoints at Ketchum Digital. He spent the last several years on the West Coast leading Social & Digital for one of the most recognizable brands in the world, managing multiple awarded launches, campaigns, and content along the way. When not working, Craig is usually found with his wife doing one of three things: listening to the Beatles, laughing about Seinfeld, or snuggling his dog, Jack. Occasionally, all three simultaneously.

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You Really Really Like Me! (But Did You Hit the Like Button?)

Why are we all so wonderfully addicted to Social Media? Well, I believe in the rule of 3’s, and 3×3 = 9. So here we go with 9 reasons:

1. It’s fun, yes, but also incredibly important.
To your brand (personal or business) everything is social. Or it better be. It represents your voice to the world. It’s your dialogue, your sounding board, your relationship avenue, your deep research and insight pool, your biggest fans, your instant feedback loop. It’s not just “another channel”…it’s infused in the most important parts of your customer’s journey of how your target audience thinks about you, your brand and your product.

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