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Gabriel Araujo is an Executive Creative Director (VP) at Ketchum & Little George Brazil. He is a creative and restless person by nature and an ad creative by training. After spending 17 years in advertising, he made the change to Ketchum and public relations, and hasn't looked back since.

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#InspiredbyCannes: Insights from the Inside

It was truly an honor to be a PR juror at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Deliberating with esteemed colleagues and peers and, ultimately, rewarding innovation within the industry was an experience I will not soon forget.

Along with my fellow jurors, we had the pleasure of acknowledging some truly exceptional cases that represent the future of our industry.

So, what is the process like behind the scenes? Here are a few insights from the inside…

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The Migration from Digital to Phygital

The world is set to undergo the next evolutionary phase in digital communication – and, for once, it has little to do with technology. Instead it will be about how brands communicate with content-hungry audiences and become fully connected in all aspects of their lives, whether they’re visiting their local supermarket or checking out their favorite brands online. It’s a year where experiential marketing will speak much louder than technological innovations.

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A Former Ad Guy’s Take on PR at Cannes

A little about myself: My name is Gabriel Araujo, I am 33 years old, from Brazil, and it should be known that I am a creative and restless person. Since the age of 15 I’ve known I wanted to be in advertising. The day I saw the first print ad I created run in the newspaper was glorious. So, am I still creating advertising all these years later? No—I’m a member of the PR industry. Can an “ad guy” be happy in PR?

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