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Named one of the top 25 communications innovators in North America. A fixer of reputations for some of the world's largest and most innovative Fortune 500 companies, industry associations, non-profit organizations and governmental institutions. Veteran social/digital storyteller. Published the Our Authentic Careers podcast. Co-founded Room Eight, one of New York City's oldest community political blogs. Co-authored Friending Your Emotions, an illustrated children's book. Passionate husband, father and bodysurfer. Can usually be found at the corner of the Pacific Ocean and Venice Pier.

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What You Say Matters. What They Say… Matters More.

Whether you like it or not, people are talking about you around. the. clock…

They’re talking about your company, they’re talking about the amazing services you provide, and about the defective products you’ve manufactured.

They’re complaining about your exorbitant fees and praising your incredible discounts.

They’re talking about your down-to-earth CEO, your hilarious flight attendants, your thoughtful cashiers, your rude customer service reps… and they’re also talking about your competitors who, by the way, are also having their say about you.

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Did Your News from CES Get Through?

I’m guessing that the answer to this post’s title question is a big fat no (unless you or those with whom you socially network hail from the marketing arena).  But otherwise, I’ve seen no evidence suggesting that the Twitter and Facebook feeds of most lit up with news coming out of this massive confab, as frankly there were just too many hurdles in the way.

So, if your (or your client’s) news did not ultimately complete the journey through this personal and most important last mile of communication – you know the one where the latest and greatest news bubbles up to your attention for the first time by way of your friends, family or colleagues on FB and Twitter – then Houston, we’ve got a CES problem!

If you’re considering CES for its news generating potential, then I’d like to offer you four potential obstacles to keep in mind before plunking down your cold hard cash for next year’s show:

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Hacking Pinterest

Many brands have jumped aboard the Pinterest train, but several of them have been slow to achieve their desired outcomes.  Without conceptualizing Pinterest as something other than a place to simply upload and tag their photos, it’s easy to create yet another online photo album, one no different or more noteworthy than those that can already be viewed elsewhere across their respective platforms.  While photo albums certainly have their benefits, they do not in their own right bring out a personality, shape a brand voice or tell its story.  And that’s the big missed opportunity with Pinterest thus far…

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