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Jaime Schwartz Cohen MS, RD, is SVP, Director of Nutrition, based in Ketchum’s New York office. When she’s not consuming food and nutrition news, she’s practicing portion control to satisfy her sweet tooth and finding balance with running and yoga. Jaime was a 2014 Ketchum Global Scholar, spending time with London, Amsterdam and Brussels colleagues and continues to support Ketchum teams around the world. In 2016, she launched Ketchum's Borderless Nutrition News, an e-newsletter reporting on insights and observations from the global nutrition community.

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New Nutrition Labeling Changes Could Have Big Implications for Marketing and Communications Professionals

Nutrition Fact Chart

The overwhelming attention given to the Food and Drug Administration’s announcement of the proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts Label in the United States last week was not surprising. Relatively unchanged since it was introduced 20 years ago, the label is often criticized for being too complex and this “makeover” aims to simplify it and make the information more understandable.

And just this week came the announcement by Grocery Manufacturers Association and Food Marketing Institute about the new Facts Up Front nutrition education campaign, which aims to bolster awareness of a front-of-pack labeling system highlighting calories per serving and nutrients of concern. Many food, nutrition, health, marketing, and policy authorities have weighed in on both topics through their respective lens and I’d like the get into the discussion from my vantage point as a registered dietitian and PR professional. Here is a quick 101 to level set this discussion:

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