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As Partner, Senior Counselor, John has more than 30 years of experience in all facets of integrated marketing and corporate public relations. He has wide-ranging experience in corporate reputation management and international public relations and has worked extensively in the healthcare sector.

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Open Dialogue Leads to Encouraging Signs on Pharmaceutical Pricing

If ever there was a wedge issue in the healthcare field, surely it’s pharmaceutical pricing.

Few topics have generated as much attention or, in some cases, drawn as much opprobrium from all manner of stakeholders – media, government, politicians, NGOs and just plain ordinary citizens.

That’s why it’s been reassuring lately to see several notable players in the pharmaceutical industry step up and begin to articulate responsible positions on the issue.

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Reputation by Permission | HealthCare: Earning Permission to Operate

Two of the largest healthcare trade associations in the United States recently launched advertising campaigns in an attempt to improve the industry’s reputation.

Popular opinion seems to hold that healthcare’s reputation is a bit tarnished. And yet this is happening at a time when the industry (the Pharma sector in particular) is delivering truly impressive new medicines that address some of the most serious illnesses of our time.

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