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Melissa is a Vice President, Managing Consultant on the Organizational Effectiveness team based in our New York office. As an organizational psychologist, she works with various groups and clients throughout the global Ketchum network. Melissa helps to counsel teams on strategy implementation, organizational effectiveness, team dynamics, productivity and more. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, and photography. You can follow Melissa on Twitter @melissabarry.

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International Women’s Day, Every Day of the Year

International Women’s Day (IWD) is observed annually on March 8 to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. This year, there were countless events held around the globe hosted by corporations, brands and community organizations. For IWD, I was fortunate to attend the Omniwomen New York chapter launch, which is a group organized by our parent company, Omnicom, with the purpose of increasing the influence and number of women leaders throughout the network. Needless to say, it was an incredibly inspirational evening.

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Attending a Conference? Read This!

Me presenting at The Glint Summit in Sonoma, California in November

This fall I had the opportunity to speak at the OD Network Conference in Chicago, Illinois and the Glint Summit in Sonoma, California. For each of my sessions, I thought a lot about the content that I was sharing. I made sure that my sessions were both engaging and aesthetically pleasing for the audience.

As presenters at conferences, we are very thoughtful about the experience; however I have found that we are less diligent when it comes to participating as attendees. Here are nine tips to help you make the most out of your next experience as a conference participant.

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Workplace in the Workplace

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the PRSA Communications Connect Conference in Denver, Colorado. It was an excellent conference filled with 250+ of the smartest minds in internal communication, focused on how communicators can stay current in today’s rapidly evolving technology and social media landscape.

My session was about Workplace by Facebook and how Ketchum is using the platform across our global network. My co-presenter, Anand Dass from Facebook and I spoke about trends in technology and communications, how Workplace is solving some of the challenges around connection and collaboration in modern organizations, and Ketchum’s story of how we use the platform.

Implementing an enterprise social network, such as Workplace, in your organization, can lead to benefits that include…

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Breaking Through for Our Employees

At Ketchum, we pride ourselves on being an agency that is recognized for delivering break through work for brands throughout the world. We are known for our award-winning creative and innovative ideas. However, an agency doesn’t deliver great work. The people who work for the agency do.

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10 Steps for Effectively Facilitating a Meeting

Time is precious. For marketers, workplace meetings have the potential to be great moments to brainstorm the next revolutionary idea, discover a new approach to idea generation that can change the industry, or create the next new employee program that makes your company an even more desirable place to work. On the other hand, if not planned well, meetings also have the potential to be a waste of time and participants can leave the room feeling uninspired and unproductive.

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Think About Your Work Environment and Optimize Your Productivity

Would you ever cook breakfast in the shower? Probably not. Making breakfast is an activity that typically takes place in a very specific environment – the kitchen. We plan our non-work activities to take place in particular spaces; so why not do the same for our tasks at work.

As an organizational psychologist, I focus on human behavior in the workplace. There are ample studies about the best time of day to perform certain tasks – the best time to send an email, hold a conference call, make a big decision, etc. To complement that school of thought, I believe there are also ways to be more productive by tackling the right tasks in the right environments.

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3 Tips to Connect Your Global Organization (Video)

Global organizations service clients throughout the world with diverse and talented teams and create revenue through a variety of streams. But large, cross-border talent pools require stepped-up communication and connectivity in order to work seamlessly and drive success. How can leaders think beyond the four walls of a local office and capitalize on the clear benefit of having a globally integrated team?

Here are some modern tips to ensure your global company stays connected…

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The Lunchtime Experiment

Research has shown that two-thirds of office workers eat lunch at their desks. I know I’ve been guilty of that, thinking that I’m more productive when I work on those PowerPoint slides while simultaneously finishing off my turkey sandwich. However, there’s an abundance of research to support the benefits of stepping away from our monitors for our midday meals.

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Working From Home During a Blizzard? S’no Problem!

If you live in the northeastern part of the United States and have been pummeled by snow over the past 24 hours, you are probably working from home today. However, a snow day doesn’t need to be a lost day. It can actually be a great time to concentrate, catch up and even get ahead.

Here are some tips for you to work most effectively from your “home office.”

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Our Brains at Work… Literally

As an organizational psychologist at a communications firm, I often keep up with human capital trends by stepping outside the walls of Ketchum and learning from my peers at industry events and conferences. I recently attended the annual Organization Development Network Conference in Philadelphia, and a recurring theme among the many thought-provoking speakers was neuroscience in the workplace. Two trends in particular stood out to me as especially noteworthy for their potential impact on the way we approach our work.

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