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At Ketchum for 15 years, Mindy is the firm’s Chief Communications Officer and a member of its Global Leadership Council. With experience in both agency and corporate environments, Mindy is passionate about all aspects of communications. In her free time, she can be found exploring the latest cultural event, walking in New York City or traveling to a new destination – usually with a camera in hand to capture the moment.

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When in Doubt, Head to the Park: Five Lessons Learned About Communications by Spending Time in Nature

Among my favorite Albert Einstein quotes is one about nature that goes like this, “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” Succinct. To the point. And on the money.

We learn so much about ourselves and the world we live in by studying the world around us. From weather patterns to photosynthesis, understanding nature is integral to our survival. There also is evidence that spending time outside makes us happier, healthier and significantly less stressed, with the benefits having a lasting effect well beyond the time we spend outside. Having grown up surrounded by a lot of green grass with the ocean not far away, I literally crave being outdoors – somewhere that reminds me I am but a small part of a much bigger world.

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Thanksgiving is the Perfect Time to Lift Someone Up

A few years ago during a phone conversation with a work colleague, we started discussing another employee and found ourselves zeroing in on one aspect of their work that was less than satisfactory without giving energy to the many positive attributes and immense value the person brought to the organization.

Fortunately my colleague hit pause and offered a perspective that I’ve never forgotten. “We need to be careful not to create a narrative about this person that begins to define them.” We both immediately shifted the conversation and spent the remainder of the call discussing many of the positive attributes this colleague had and why and how they brought great value to the organization. I hung up feeling good about our conversation and the person we were speaking about.

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What Grandpa Abe Taught Me About Good Communication & Living a Meaningful Life

A lot has been written about marketing to different audience segments, from Gen Z to millennials to 50+, making me wonder whether what we really should be talking about is how to successfully communicate across generations. Or even the value of having relationships across generations. That got me thinking about my most powerful cross-generational relationship – with my grandfather, Abe.

Despite the fifty-three-year age difference, we formed one of the deepest connections I’ve ever had in my life. We grew up in different eras with different communication norms and yet somehow none of that mattered. The power of unconditional love certainly played a part but I also believe that at the root of it all, our relationship was as strong as it was because of the worth he placed on relationships and his understanding of how we make and keep human connections.

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Why the World Needs More Communicators

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been asked to meet with recent college grads as well as those entering college and even a few people considering a career change to talk about my chosen field of communications. These requests have prompted me to contemplate why I chose to work in communications and whether, if I had it to do all over again, I would choose it again today.

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Taking a Spontaneous Leap Often Begins with a Plan

People who know me would surely list among my attributes as being very organized as well as a thoughtful, creative and yes, at times, anal planner. And they’re both true. I enjoy thinking ahead and planning to ensure I get to see those I care about, do the things that matter and enjoy the meaningful moments in my life while working work around them. While some would argue it’s about putting the big rocks in first, I would take it back a step and say it’s really about knowing what the big rocks are.

But sometimes the secret to enjoying life is adopting a seize-the-moment mentality. To leap ahead and quickly say yes to something you never would have imagined. It’s about the times you have but a moment to respond – “Do you want to join and go on vacation to…” or “I have an extra ticket to tonight’s….” In those moments, yes is almost always my answer and I figure out the details later.

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From Opening Your Eyes to Finding Your Voice, You Can Find It All at Cannes

The reasons why people go to the Cannes Creativity Festival span from winning awards to making deals, to networking with clients to gaining inspiration. And sure, there are some, maybe more than some, who would say that everyone comes to Cannes for the parties and the yachts. But to me, a self-professed Cannes nerd, it’s the serendipitous moments – the ones that broaden our thinking, the ones that open our eyes to a new way of seeing and the ones that give us a new voice – that provide the greatest richness at Cannes.

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All it Takes Is a Spark

I recently attended the New York benefit for our pro bono partner, Room to Read, an organization that believes world change starts with educated children. At the event they honored David M. Solomon of Goldman Sachs and Sean “Diddy” Combs for their contributions. It got me thinking about the difference an individual can make. A catalyst or “Spark” – famous or not – brings their passion for a cause to others, which ignites actions and campaigns that make a significant difference in the world.

Then today, an email hit my inbox listing all of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities the agency has going on in June. It was such an impressive list that I stopped what I was doing and took time to reflect on what was driving all the activity.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Before heading out a recent vacation, I was stressed and concerned that I was leaving at the worst possible time. There was so much in flux. Projects that were scheduled to launch had not happened, projects that weren’t even on the horizon suddenly landed on the immediate to-do list and long-term projects I did know about took on an unanticipated urgency.

Unfortunately I think these feelings get heightened working in communications, a 24/7 profession that thrives on a high commitment to work, real-time response and the belief that if it doesn’t happen now, you will have missed the moment.

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Taking it to the Streets: Graffiti & the Power of Communications

On a recent business trip to Europe, I had the good fortune of meeting up with some of my favorite colleagues. A group of us happened to be free one Saturday and someone suggested we go on a Street Art Tour in London’s East End. Spending the afternoon outside, exploring the city? I was in.

My eagerness dropped slightly when the tour began at a street pole covered in stickers. Stickers? Was this really what we were pausing to see?

And it was then that the magic began…

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Spoiler Alert: The Oscars are About Making Connections

Quite a few years ago I started hosting an Oscar party at my house where a group of friends gather to eat, drink, cast their votes, and watch the results roll in. It’s an eclectic group from various parts of my life that usually includes someone who is in from out of town.

Some are a bit obsessed with the red carpet and can be heard weighing in: “Oh my God what was she thinking; that looks like a prom dress!” “Nothing special, meh.” “That cut, that color, it must be vintage Dior (Versace, Chanel…).” “Now we’re talking; that dress says and does it all!” Others have their pulse on the latest gossip including who is dating whom, who got a movie deal, who had a recent health scare and, of course, details of the latest scandal.

But other than a night spent with friends and the thrill of predicting winners, what are we all really looking for as we watch the Oscars? As we cheer for the underdog, give thumbs up for our favorites or engage in some heated banter over why a movie deserves the recognition more than another, aren’t we really just looking for connections?

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