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Rachel is an Associate Director with the Ketchum Digital team. With eight years of experience, she has worked with various for-profit, nonprofit and government clients across multiple outlets and industries such as environment, education, healthcare, finance, food, tech, design, sports and entertainment, and business districts to achieve her clients’ strategic online and offline marketing goals of appeal, action and support. She is passionate about leading clients to reach their greatest potential through paid digital media programs.

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Programmatic Ads: Is the Proof in the Pudding?

When my programmatic writing wheels started turning, my mind immediately swung comfortably to the search, social, native and video pieces on my imaginary, but personally preferred, paid media chess board. There I could easily talk about the who, what, when, where, why, and how I want to target – along with what the results would be – but there was an investigatory puzzle piece missing.

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It Pays to Optimize Your Hard Earned Work

You’ve earned it. Now amplify it effectively to the right audience at scale.

How can you use paid media to amplify the earned content that you’ve worked so hard as an agency to obtain (click to tweet)?

The digital world provides many avenues, if used properly, to amplify your earned messaging, content and insights beyond its organic reach.

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