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Sara is the SVP, Director of New York's Brand Practice and Lead of Ketchum’s Brand New Parents audience specialty. She is a seasoned public relations/marketing communications professional with a MBA (in both Marketing and Finance) and 15+ years of experience leading fully integrated marketing communications campaigns across a diverse number of industries. Sara was named to PRWeek's 2014 40 Under 40 list.

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Brand New Parents: What to Expect from Brands When You’re Expecting

A few months after returning to work from maternity leave as a first-time mom, it really hit me how life-changing of a milestone becoming a parent for the first time is. And it’s not until you go through it that you truly begin to understand and appreciate everything that comes along with the journey.

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6 Ways You Can Be More Assertive in the Workplace

As seen in Self Magazine…

It can be intimidating (to say the least!) when it comes to sharing your ideas with colleagues and higher ups — especially if you are someone who is on the more introverted side. The good news: you don’t have to change your personality in order to have your voice heard.

We caught up with Sara Garibaldi, SVP, Director of Brand at Ketchum — who was also recently listed on PR Week’s 40 under 40! — to get her tips on how to better assert yourself in the work place.

“Nobody expects you to be someone you’re not, so don’t change your personality,” says Garibaldi. “However, as you advance in your career (in some fields more than others) being vocal in meetings, sharing a valuable opinion and ensuring it’s heard and even being social with colleagues and clients, exudes confidence, assertiveness and gives them a better glimpse of who you really are.”

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