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Shawn McBride, EVP of Sports at Ketchum Sports & Entertainment, and head of Ketchum Sponsorshop, has more than 15 years’ experience building brands through sports marketing and PR programming, including supporting several NFL sponsors and working on leading Super Bowl campaigns throughout his career.

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Live from PyeongChang: It’s the 2018 Olympic Winter Games!

With the cauldron lit to officially open the XXIII Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, the three-Games long “Asian swing” of the Olympic Movement, with the 2020 Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo and 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, also commenced.

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2018 Super Bowl Marketing in Two Words: Dilly Dilly!

In what may be an early leader for understatement of the year, the Super Bowl is big business, and in 2018 business if booming! To which I say “Dilly, Dilly!” (but more on that later).

That’s right, despite all the controversy and drama swirling around the NFL, the Super Bowl, a gridiron championship game that has grown into both an annual cultural and social phenomenon, as well as an advertising showcase, has remained impervious to the factors that have tarnished the league’s symbolic shield. As brands line up to spend more than $5 million for a 30 second ad, NBC expects to generate $500 million+ in sales for a broadcast property where viewers look forward to the commercials almost as much – if not more in some cases – than the game itself.

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Game-Planning for a Successful Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a cultural phenomenon, with people from all over the world tuning in to watch the game, the halftime show and the ads; perhaps not in that order. And, regardless of the current issues the NFL is facing both on-and-off the field, this year’s event figures to once again deliver a mass audience devoted to delivering as much, if not more, social chatter about the ads rather than what transpires on the gridiron.

It used to be that the game-winning formula for Super Bowl marketers was simple: Run New Ad + Hire Spokesperson + Host Party = Success!

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2015 Global Sports Business Outlook: Top 10 Opportunities for Brands

Even though 2015 isn’t an Olympic Games or (men’s) FIFA World Cup year, there are a number of premier international sporting events and competitions taking place—from the ICC Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in February and March, the UEFA Champions League Final in Germany in June, the Pan Am Games in Toronto in July, the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada in June and July and the Rugby World Cup in September and October in England.

These events will draw tens of millions of consumer eyeballs and hundreds of millions of dollars in broadcaster and sponsor revenues.

Below are ten trends or developments in the sports marketing and PR industry that will be important to keep in mind for any brands interested in leveraging these platforms – and others – in the future…

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FS1 Enters Cable Sports Fray

On Saturday, FOX Sports 1, the new all sports channel backed by News Corp. and Rupert Murdoch, will launch in the United States with the (un)stated goal of challenging “the worldwide leader” a.k.a. ESPN.

As a result of three factors: desirable content, recognizable talent and seemingly bottomless pockets, this will not be the broadcast equivalent of the XFL taking on the NFL more than a decade ago. Rather, thanks to coming out of the gate with distribution into 90 million homes and plans to offer 5,000 hours of live events, news and original programming, the new network is poised for success.

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Super Sunday is Super Letdown

While the results indicate that Budweiser reclaimed the crown and Tide was a surprise runner-up, I’ve got to believe that the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter graded on a curve, as this year’s roster of commercial spots didn’t nearly live up to the hype.Maybe it’s just because anticipation has grown too great and the need to stand out from the pack, resulting in standalone PR campaigns, “teasers” and contests pushed out through social media weeks in advance of the big game have weakened the surprise and impact of the spots themselves. As a result, in my opinion, Super Bowl XLVII will be the year that the Super Bowl commercial jumped the shark.

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