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The desire to understand the human experience is a beacon that guides Stephanie Bostaph Martin both personally and professionally. As vice president at Ketchum, Stephanie leads executive visibility and media relations efforts for medical device and healthcare clients. While orthopaedics, aging and nutrition are her passion points, she has also led consumer campaigns focusing on rare diseases, obesity and cardiovascular metabolic disease. Working closely with brand ambassadors, hospitals, surgeons, patients and other stakeholders, she develops strategies and crafts stories that effectively persuade consumers to improve their health. Recognizing the important intersection of business and communications, Stephanie obtained her MBA from the University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business in 2014. She graduated summa cum laude from West Virginia University in 2007. In her free time, Stephanie and her therapy dog, Tinsley, connect with residents at an assisted living facility dealing with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

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Facing a Closed Door? 3 Ways to Pick the Lock

After working on Disability.gov (the federal government’s former information portal for disability services) for nearly seven years, I knew my next role was meant to be in healthcare. I had spent years learning about the disability experience and wanted my career to be challenging, yet impactful. A family transition brought me to New York and I eagerly applied to every healthcare agency position I could find. The resounding response was closed doors. “You have great experience, but…”

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