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Stephen is a Partner and Chief Engagement Officer, Ketchum and Visiting Professor in Practice, Newcastle University. Chairman of Future Proof policy unit and Past President, CIPR. Author of Brand Anarchy and #BrandVandals; and editor and contributor to Share This and Share This Too. Connect with him on Twitter: @wadds

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10 Steps to a Successful Public Relations Plan

It’s that time of year, when thoughts turn to planning for 2018. Taking a 12 month, or even quarterly, outlook is challenging when operating in a period of such uncertainty but organizations need to continue to take bets on investment and talent.

Our recommendation is to take the longest term outlook feasible for your organization but to test, measure and adapt your plan over time. Real time measurement and agility is a reality for any modern public relations team.

Here’s an approach that I use based on Ketchum’s planning methodology. It can be applied to any size of organization and market.

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10 Insights for Public Relations from the 2017 European Communications Monitor

The European Communication Monitor (ECM) is a rare example of excellence between communication theory and practice. The ECM 2017 survey is based on responses from 3,387 communication professionals in 50 countries. It’s the most detailed and robust longitudinal bench-marking study available that characterizes the challenges and opportunities facing our profession.

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Making Sense of Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

Mary Meeker, an analyst turned venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPCB), has published her annual Internet Trends Report for 2017.

It’s more than 350 pages of incredible insight on the development of the internet. It explores the impact of technology on society, and the implications for organizations on how we communicate, how we buy and how we live. I got together with our resident online strategy guru Ben Foster to make sense of the findings within the report. Here are our top six takeaways…

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A Game of Snap: Q1 Social Media Updates

Three months into the year and we’ve already seen huge innovation from the major social media platforms. There’s also been several copycat maneuvers. Here’s what we’ve spotted.

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Getting Engaged on Valentine’s Day: Winning Hearts and Minds on the Internet

Never forget, the internet is a network of people, and the most successful brands are those that are human. In the spirit of a holiday dedicated to winning the hearts and minds of your audience, regardless of its size, here are eight engagement tips for your organization to apply in its communications approach on Valentine’s Day.

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10 Digital and Social Insights for the Year Ahead

It’s that time of year when we reflect on the past 12 months and look ahead.

At the end of last year we published Trends 17. It’s a view of the year ahead from subject matter experts and our Mindfire network of entrepreneurial students.

I’ve dug deeper into digital and social media, and asked colleagues from around the world what we can expect in 2017.

There’s a mix of research, influencers, storytelling, paid media, new forms of media and disruptive workflow…

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7 Tips to Building a Better Social Media Content Calendar

A planned content calendar sets out a program of activity for a public relations campaign or social media community. It is typically laid out as a grid with events plotted against time, like a Gantt chart. In this post I’m going to explore how to build a content calendar for a social media campaign. Here’s a sample calendar that you can cut and paste from Google Documents.

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Workplace by Facebook: The Internal Communications Game Changer

Technology has the potential to deliver huge communication and productivity benefits within an organisation but it won’t change how we work. That takes people.

The intersection of internal communication and social media within an organisation is a good place to study human behaviour. The return on investment of borderless communication, collaboration and improved productivity are well established, but organizations often struggle with the employee adoption needed to capitalize on this investment.

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How Facebook at Work is Changing the Workplace

Facebook at WOrk

We recently rolled out Facebook at Work at Ketchum. The technology is easy; we’re familiar with it already as it mirrors Facebook. Driving adoption, on the other hand, is the far more exciting and challenging piece.

I’m not going to tell you Facebook at Work is a silver bullet for internal communication, but it is proving to be an incredibly effective collaboration tool (click to tweet).

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10 Insights from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

For media, marketing and public relations professionals, there’s a lot to learn from Mary Meeker’s third annual Internet Trends Report for 2016.

Brands as experiences, voice recognition and the overvaluation of print advertising are all highlights from the report. I’ve worked my way through all 200+ pages last weekend—here’s what I spotted (click to tweet)…

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