Preparing for Crises in a Hyper-Visible World

The dramatic photos and videos of an engine explosion taken by passengers on an Air France A380 super jumbo flying from Paris to Los Angeles last week were a reminder of the hyper-visible world in which airlines now operate. Any incident, no matter where it happens, may be seen by people around the world in real time – or at least, as soon as a wifi connection is available.

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You Really Really Like Me! (But Did You Hit the Like Button?)

Why are we all so wonderfully addicted to Social Media? Well, I believe in the rule of 3’s, and 3×3 = 9. So here we go with 9 reasons:

1. It’s fun, yes, but also incredibly important.
To your brand (personal or business) everything is social. Or it better be. It represents your voice to the world. It’s your dialogue, your sounding board, your relationship avenue, your deep research and insight pool, your biggest fans, your instant feedback loop. It’s not just “another channel”…it’s infused in the most important parts of your customer’s journey of how your target audience thinks about you, your brand and your product.

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What You Say Matters. What They Say… Matters More.

Whether you like it or not, people are talking about you around. the. clock…

They’re talking about your company, they’re talking about the amazing services you provide, and about the defective products you’ve manufactured.

They’re complaining about your exorbitant fees and praising your incredible discounts.

They’re talking about your down-to-earth CEO, your hilarious flight attendants, your thoughtful cashiers, your rude customer service reps… and they’re also talking about your competitors who, by the way, are also having their say about you.

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Why Twitter is Trialing 280 Character Tweets

User behaviour, customer service and social insight, are all reasons that Twitter is trialling longer tweets.

Twitter has a problem. It hasn’t seen significant user growth since 2014.

User data for Q2 2017 was flat over the previous quarter at 328 million. The platform needs to increase users in order to increase revenue from advertising.

Twitter has tried a number of different innovations in the past 12 months to drive growth including improved safety; algorithm changes; and removing usernames from the 140 character limit.

The latest change, announced in a tweet by CEO Jack Dorsey last night, sees it trialing tweets of 280 characters.

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Advice From a PR Fortune Teller

All models are wrong, but some are useful. -George Box

George Box, a preeminent statistician, points out that a statistical model is never going to tell you the whole truth and that the usefulness of advanced statistics is based on whether we are asking the correct questions. However, PR often leans on advanced statistics/predictive analytics to provide precise answers to some of the hardest questions facing the industry, many of which revolve around the following questions:

“What is the exact value of PR?” or “What is the business impact of a specific campaign?”

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Being Yourself Is Not Optional

Should you have to be serious to be taken seriously? Should you be afraid to speak about your failures? Should you always try to fit in? I believe the answer is “no.” So, how can we break free of our corporate personas and dare to let our personalities shine through a bit more?

We’re all brands, whether we like it or not. If you are using any online services that require private information, your persona is already created (and if you’re one of the few holding back from using them, that also says something about you). Truth is, that if we are not defining our personal brand, others will.

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My Travels Reveal Six Communications Trends

In recent months, I’ve spent a lot of time with an array of clients in various parts of the world. We talked in detail about the state of their business, the business world at large and the evolution of the communications function. Our conversations revealed six communications trends vital for today’s business climate.

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Going Native: Where The Clicks Don’t Matter, But Real Measurement Does

It is no secret that modern audiences are continuing to accelerate away from traditional outlets and toward web-based content. This ongoing evolution has forced brands to change the way in which they tell their stories, as well as continuously adjusting the platform they are attempting to engage with their target audience on. One answer to this dilemma has been to utilize “Native Content.” While there are several other names for this strategy and content, such as native ads, sponsored content, and other terms in an ever-changing pantheon of buzzwords that exists in the digital marketing space, the fact remains that for the foreseeable future this will be something to consider when planning content and strategy.

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Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots: The Next-Gen of Brand Experiences and Customer Engagement

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots (bot) are rapidly emerging as technologies impacting our daily lives, as well as changing the way customers interact with brands.

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Why the World Needs More Communicators

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been asked to meet with recent college grads as well as those entering college and even a few people considering a career change to talk about my chosen field of communications. These requests have prompted me to contemplate why I chose to work in communications and whether, if I had it to do all over again, I would choose it again today.

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