Five Things I Learned from MIT’s “AI: Implications for Business Strategy” Certification Program

Here’s the thing; as marketers, you need to be pretty aware of the various ways AI is impacting our lives. A few prime examples of AI in action include social media and newsfeed algorithms, social listening algorithms, and natural language processing bots and assistants. AI is officially 2018’s hyped technology, and chatter about its proliferation has not yet reached its apex. In fact, as our CEO, Barri Rafferty, noted, one of the primary focuses of the 2018 World Economic Forum was the impact AI is starting to have on our society.

With all of this in mind, I decided to seek out some subject matter knowledge through a certification program with the MIT Sloan School of Management called, Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy. 

Here are some key lessons from the program…

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After 90 Years of Oscars, Why Does It Still Hold Our Attention?

It is hard to tell when something actually becomes a tradition but what is harder still, is to figure out why.

When Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel shared that the first Academy Awards presentation was held in 1929, it surprised me. The fact that it only lasted 15 minutes perhaps even more. No broadcast. Held in a hotel. Fifteen statues were given out.

Fast forward to last night – the show marked the ninetieth time the Academy Awards was held. The show was broadcast around the world and ran over three-and-a-half hours. I’m not sure how many awards were given out, but I know I was one of the more than 24 million people tuning in and soaking it all up.

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The Next Decade of Olympic Host Cities: A Path Paved with Gold

With the Olympic Winter Games officially drawn to a close, there’s scarcely a person in the world who consumes any type of media that doesn’t know the name of the latest Olympic host city of PyeongChang, South Korea. Images of the world’s greatest athletes shredding, jumping, racing, and spinning across the Korean ice and snow have reached billions. The local culture and customs have been showcased and spectacular new hotels, roadways and a high-speed train connecting the airport on the western coast to Seoul, and then the mountains and the eastern-coast resorts, has been put through their paces by thousands of visitors.

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Why Every Business Should Take Blogging Seriously in 2018

In the last decade, blogs have become an integral part of our online culture and an important tool for businesses. Even with the introduction of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, blogs remained a relevant tactic for businesses due to the measurable benefits they offer.

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Black History Month: Moss Hyles Kendrix

Growing up my grandmother would tell me, “An eagle can soar high, but it has it to come down for water eventually.” Meaning, no matter where life takes you and what you accomplish, never forget where you come from. Throughout his career, Moss Hyles Kendrix never forgot his roots and fought to uplift the Black community.

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Black History Month: The Legacy of Stuart Scott

One of the most important qualities a great communicator can have is authenticity. Being your authentic self will resonate with your audience much more than trying to fit a particular mold. When African Americans enter a new space, we often feel as though we need to assimilate into the culture that already exists. Stuart Scott did just the opposite.

“I’ll write that because I’m going to write like I talk.” – Stuart Scott

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Going Big for the Gold: A View from Inside PyeongChang

Every two or so years, members of the Ketchum Sports & Entertainment team enter the “Olympic bubble” where we live, eat, breath, and sleep the Olympic Games – arriving well ahead of the Olympic flame that lights the cauldron and staying until it is extinguished. Hardly noticing that there is a world outside of the Olympic Games, we experience the sensory overload of crowds, lines, sports, media, athletes, music, food, culture, and new customs. Here’s a glimpse of what we are seeing from the inside at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018…

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Listen up to be a great leader.

Want to become a better leader? Stop talking and start listening.

I’ll be honest from the get-go. Listening is not my preferred option, I prefer talking. I am a person who likes to speak up, have my say, come up with solutions. Those who know me know I am a strong personality who is confident to weigh in on an idea and that I am not shy in being vocal about what I believe in.

And that’s not a bad thing.

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Black History Month: The Legacy of Maggie Walker

Richmond, Virginia, my hometown, has a complicated history. As a Richmond resident, or if you’ve turned on the news within the last five years, you’d know it’s home to a few grandiose reminders of our continued struggle with racial equality. And while these unpleasant reminders may fade into the monotony of our day-to-day lives, their presence still lingers in the back of our minds. However, Richmond’s newest statue is of a black woman whose expert public relations skills gave rise to the oldest black owned bank in Richmond. Her influence and ideals are still a guiding light in the community today.

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Live from PyeongChang: It’s the 2018 Olympic Winter Games!

With the cauldron lit to officially open the XXIII Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, the three-Games long “Asian swing” of the Olympic Movement, with the 2020 Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo and 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, also commenced.

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