Why Musical.ly is the Next Big Hit for Influencer Relations

Just when you think the world is thoroughly saturated with a social network catering to every conceivable group, along comes Musical.ly roaring onto the scene with a simple format that appeals uniquely to Genzennials.

Think the hottest hits in music coupled with a simple method of delivering selfie lip-syncing videos that you can comment on to your community. That’s about it! It’s described as, “the world’s largest creative platform.”

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The Unseen Innovators: Why ASCO is More Relevant Than Ever

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting occurs every June and brings together the world’s best minds and latest breakthrough research in cancer. For the past couple of meetings, immunotherapies, drugs that help the immune system combat cancer, have stolen the show. First available to patients in 2011, they began to draw a larger swath of attention in 2014 with two additional market entrants that Forbes called the most important new drugs of that year. While they have and will continue to garner much attention this year, emerging types will steal the headlines, such as chimeric antigen receptor-T (CAR-T) therapies, in which cancer cells are removed from the patient, re-engineered and then re-implanted to attack other cancer cells. Some CAR-Ts are showing almost unbelievable results and changing the future of treatment for some cancers.

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Hot Topics Among Today’s Dietitians

Ketchum RDs Maggie Michalczyk, Amber Wilson and Jaime Schwartz Cohen at the Today’s Dietitian Symposium in New Orleans.

Today’s Dietitian, the leading trade publication for nutrition professionals in the U.S., hosted their 4th annual Symposium last week in New Orleans, bringing together more than 600 dietitians and 40+ sponsors. Three Ketchum registered dietitians (RDs) were on site to report on the top-10 trends and emerging hot topics in food and nutrition that emerged from the symposium.

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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling

Two months ago I found myself participating in a Diversity & Inclusion Council meeting where committee members asked for recommendations on topics. I was the only Asian-American in the room and didn’t want to come off as being self-centered by suggesting a possible panel discussion focused on Asian-Americans. But in my 12 years as a HR professional in the PR industry, I’ve been to dozens of diversity focused events from round-tables, recruitment fairs, awards dinners etc. and I have never once seen an event focused solely on the Asian-American population. So with May being Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, I felt strongly that a discussion should be hosted by Ketchum and recommended it to the D&I Council.

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Financial Communications: A Q&A with Bob Zito

Ketchum Zito Financial, a strategic alliance offering management consulting and financial communications services between Ketchum and Zito Partners (ZP), marked the third anniversary of its alliance this week.

David Allan, SVP of Investor Relations at Ketchum, recently sat down with founder Bob Zito to ask him a few questions about the future of financial communications, and the impact of the alliance over the last three years…

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Shifting from Survive to Thrive

When asked the question: “What’s your title?” the natural response is to blurt out what’s in your email signature or printed on your business cards. Makes sense, right? For me, career has always been front and center in my life. And, I could probably recite every job title I’ve had since I first walked through the doors of Ketchum in 1992. I think it’s fair to say that I earned those job titles and I certainly never took them for granted.  But, what about the titles that become attributed to us in our personal lives? The titles we end up with, whether by choice or by circumstance.

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Endangered Species Day: Four Ways to Engage

Most of us can relate to a love of animals. We’ve always had a favorite animal – or, a more recent trend, discovered our “spirit animal.”

But did you know that more than 23,000 animal species are identified as threatened with extinction, according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species? Animals that we know and love have populations that are rapidly decreasing, and many of them are losing their natural habitats. Even surprising species like bumblebees are now considered endangered.

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Open Dialogue Leads to Encouraging Signs on Pharmaceutical Pricing

If ever there was a wedge issue in the healthcare field, surely it’s pharmaceutical pricing.

Few topics have generated as much attention or, in some cases, drawn as much opprobrium from all manner of stakeholders – media, government, politicians, NGOs and just plain ordinary citizens.

That’s why it’s been reassuring lately to see several notable players in the pharmaceutical industry step up and begin to articulate responsible positions on the issue.

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Finding That Job and Career You Love

Two years ago, I moved to New York to work at KGRA after completing my master’s at Florida State University. After 17 years of being a student, moving into my first post-college job was daunting. Without much professional experience, I had to use life lessons I had gained along the way to help me build my career.

Here are some tips I’ve relied on that may be interesting whether you’re just starting out or well into your career and considering a job change or career evolution.

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Lessons from Mom

As we approach Mother’s Day, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate all things mom. Specifically, how a mother’s influence shapes your professional presence. Below are two unique perspectives on how both being a mom, and the guidance she provides, can have a profound impact on the decision making process throughout your career. Cheryll Forsatz, SVP, External Communications, and Mike Doyle, Regional President, share their distinct points of view on “lessons from mom” that are just as valuable in the boardroom as they are on the playground.

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