Quick Tips to Boost Your Work EQ

Think about your week at work. Have you struggled with any of the following?

Making a tough decision
Finding time to care for yourself while also tending to your team and/or client
Dealing with an interpersonal conflict
Losing some sense of control
Meeting a deadline
Making a mistake

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ColorComm 2017: Earning Our Seat at the Table

Feeling a sense of belonging at this years’ Annual ColorComm Conference – Surprise Yourself, allowed us a peek at what a matriarchal society could look and feel like! If you’re not familiar, this conference attracted over 400 women of color (and a few good men) in communications at the mid- and senior-levels. This unique community is able to discuss important issues and learn from the best talent in the industry on taking your career to the next level. A microcosm of a matriarchal society. Cue the song by Beyoncé Girls Rule the World!

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Authenticity 2.0: unfiltered and flawed

Relationships evolve, usually in three stages.

You start off on your best behaviour, always wanting to show-off the best version of yourself. Minding your P’s and Q’s. Then, as the relationship grows, you relax and are easier to connect with, showing your real self, learning to speak with your partner, understanding what they like and how to make them happy. Then finally, as you move into genuine intimacy, you really let your true self out. Not closing the bathroom door, barely bothering with matching underwear, squeezing your spots, not hiding your flaws – letting your partner see the true you, warts and all.

And that is how our relationship with audiences has evolved. For the last few years we have been talking about transparency and authenticity in our work. We have been advising our clients to produce content that is credible and real from their brand, talking in an honest and open tone of voice and speaking in a language, and with messages, that their audiences can relate to. Native, transparent, authentic, real communications.

Like all relationships we have now evolved… the emerging phase of our communications relationship is Authenticity 2.0 – unfiltered and flawed.

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Retail Roundtable: Can Brick-and-Mortar Thrive in an Omnichannel World?

These are dark days for many retailers, especially those brick-and-mortar stores that are losing store traffic and market share to aggressive ecommerce retailers.

By some accounts, as many as two-dozen major U.S.-based retailers are in danger of bankruptcy due to poor credit ratings. More than 3,500 stores – and counting – have closed thus far in 2017. And countless malls and shopping centers are facing vacancy rates that dwarf those of the Great Recession of 2008.

Is the ecommerce tsunami ushering in a sea change for traditional retailers? Or is the brick-and-mortar environment simply experiencing a natural evolution, which will sacrifice weaker players and leave stronger, innovative, omnichannel companies poised for long-term success?

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Gen Z: Guardians of Their Galaxy

You’ve probably read some headlines recently like, “Move Over Millennials, Gen Z is Here” or “Gen Z May be Marketers’ New Golden Child.” So, now that this post-Millennial generation is finally capturing the attention of media and marketers, I was eager to attend and speak at the second annual “Marketing to Gen Z Conference” in New York in mid-July. I felt right at home geeking out with fellow speakers and experts who are just as fascinated about this emerging powerhouse generation as I am.

From food to fun to phones, the conference presented several targeted insights about how Gen Z is re-shaping marketing and forcing us to re-think ways to engage this elusive and savvy next-gen consumer.

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As Universities Evolve, So Must University Communications

Universities have always been a breeding ground for activism on society’s inequalities. But today, as the national opprobrium intensifies, higher education campuses are seeing this play out more intensely. As a result, university leaders and chief communicators must continually look at existing communications strategies, and how new higher education dynamics may impact those strategies for the upcoming school year and beyond.

For starters, as educational institutions, they are many things to many people – career developers, repositories of intellectual capital, research incubators, major employers, social communities, symbols of civic pride, and so much more.

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10 Insights for Public Relations from the 2017 European Communications Monitor

The European Communication Monitor (ECM) is a rare example of excellence between communication theory and practice. The ECM 2017 survey is based on responses from 3,387 communication professionals in 50 countries. It’s the most detailed and robust longitudinal bench-marking study available that characterizes the challenges and opportunities facing our profession.

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Prepare to Launch: Meet the Next Generation of PR Leaders

Our industry has been facing a diversity crisis. In recent years, there have been countless panel discussions, debates and articles chronicling the challenges we face in ensuring our agencies and our in-house teams are reflective of the consumers with which we are engaging. This means diversity of all types: gender, ethnicity, age, religious background, sexual orientation. Employing a diverse workforce is critically important, and I imagine these conversations will continue to dominate until our industry makes significant shifts in the right direction.

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Communications Is Vital To Health, So Let’s Align On How We Talk About It

Generations ago, knowledge about how to protect health, detect disease, slow progression, and cure anything was limited. The communications priorities were for doctors to break the bad news gently and for loved ones to be supportive. Today, with so much more that can be done at every phase, communications can provide insight, drive conversation, inspire thinking, and spark action that protects, improves and extends life.

But it’s clear we often don’t share a common understanding of what important terms mean. Long-held definitions have become obsolete, others inaccurate, and many just too narrow.

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The Mojo of Emojis

Emojis, the modern day equivalent of hieroglyphics, have permeated every corner of our world and completely transformed how we communicate. In fact, 90% of the global community is using emoji and more than six billion emoji are sent each day.1 As we celebrate World Emoji Day, here are 10 insights, tips and trends to consider as you use emojis for everything from day-to-day communications to large-scale business campaigns.

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