6 Essential PR Predictions for 2018

I recently took part in a webinar hosted by Cision where we examined some of the most critical challenges, trends and themes facing our industry in the year ahead. Topics ranged from the proliferation of fake news, to the increasing importance of brand integrity (and crisis management) in today’s hyper-connected, and scandal-laden, media landscape.

The skills, technology and workflow used in media and public relations are all converging and 2018, like its predecessor, should prove to be another watershed year for PR.

The brands that capitalize on these new and emerging trends stand to gain the most in the coming months. Here are a few of the most interesting bits from our discussion…

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When in Doubt, Head to the Park: Five Lessons Learned About Communications by Spending Time in Nature

Among my favorite Albert Einstein quotes is one about nature that goes like this, “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” Succinct. To the point. And on the money.

We learn so much about ourselves and the world we live in by studying the world around us. From weather patterns to photosynthesis, understanding nature is integral to our survival. There also is evidence that spending time outside makes us happier, healthier and significantly less stressed, with the benefits having a lasting effect well beyond the time we spend outside. Having grown up surrounded by a lot of green grass with the ocean not far away, I literally crave being outdoors – somewhere that reminds me I am but a small part of a much bigger world.

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Selling Human: Navigating Audience Engagement in the Age of Influence

In today’s world, conversation is the expectation. You should build relationships with target tribes by seeding and sharing relevant content.

When was the last time you had – or triggered – a water cooler moment? The phrase seems to have lapsed into the annals of marketing history. They still happen, but perhaps we call them something else, like a meme, because now they happen more often in the digital space rather than the physical space. Those nuggets of pop culture gossip or fascinating facts and must buy items that were traditionally shared among a group around the office water fountain or pantry are now shared instantly across a virtual group over social media from a smartphone.

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8 Steps to Increase Your Organization’s Crisis Resiliency

Crisis preparedness is important. But is it essential?

Your organization may not think so and it’s easy to understand why. Preparing for an event that may occur is easy to put aside when teams are busy with what’s relevant now. Unfortunately, the experience of managing an actual crisis prompts organizations to finally begin preparing for the next one.

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Attending a Conference? Read This!

Me presenting at The Glint Summit in Sonoma, California in November

This fall I had the opportunity to speak at the OD Network Conference in Chicago, Illinois and the Glint Summit in Sonoma, California. For each of my sessions, I thought a lot about the content that I was sharing. I made sure that my sessions were both engaging and aesthetically pleasing for the audience.

As presenters at conferences, we are very thoughtful about the experience; however I have found that we are less diligent when it comes to participating as attendees. Here are nine tips to help you make the most out of your next experience as a conference participant.

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Does Influencing People Still Matter? More Than Ever.

In a world dominated by algorithms and data, and a diminishing of traditional media’s reach and impact on the general public, does influencing people still matter? I recently had the pleasure of tackling this subject on stage at Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal with The Economist’s Gady Epstein. My answer: Yes. More than ever.

Here’s the video, along with a few of the moments from our discussion that I believe resonated with our audience most.

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Is Your Social Listening Only Hearing Half of the Conversation?

We’ve all heard about the power and the importance of social listening in one way, shape or form. But in 2017 (almost 2018), does social listening still hold the same weight as it once did?

Before we dive into social listening, it’s important to define what we’re classifying as social listening. Social listening is the process of monitoring digital conversations to understand what customers are saying about a brand and industry online. This process is facilitated through the use of third party software to help with aggregating data through platform APIs.

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Quantum Computing, Flying Cars and Fake News: What Was Trending at This Year’s Web Summit?

Known as the “largest tech conference in the world” (or “Davos for geeks”), this year’s Web Summit in Lisbon hosted over 60,000 attendees, more than 1,200 of which were speakers, and a dizzying array of tech. Featuring hundreds of startups, investors and top tech CEOs, the event really has its finger on the pulse when it comes to the biggest and most impactful technology trends today. So, as a member of Ketchum’s technology practice and Web Summit attendee, I was more than curious about what the hottest trends were going to be this year…

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A Primer on How to Be #DataSmart

As a marketing manager responsible for team visibility and strategy within Ketchum Global Research and Analytics (KGRA), I am surrounded by exceptional researchers on a daily basis. But, when I first joined the group as a fully self-aware (and slightly intimidated) right-brainer, I often thought to myself: “I understand how valuable data is to our clients’ success, but how can I begin to take my base of knowledge to the next level?” Turns out, the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication’s (AMEC) 2017 Measurement Month, a month of learning dedicated to the latest thinking in measurement and analytics, was the perfect place to start.

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Evolving for the Future: Barri Rafferty Named CEO

Today is an exciting day for all the colleagues at Ketchum, for our clients and also for our industry. Today, we named Barri Rafferty Chief Executive Officer at Ketchum, effective January 1, with me continuing as Chairman.

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