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Four Tech Trends to Watch in Sports

Sports fandom attached itself to me in my youth, and its power over me today is stronger than ever. As a child, I listened to radio broadcasts of my favorite team on a portable Walkman, and today, I listen to that same broadcast on a mobile app from 3,000 miles away. In the 1980s, I would wait for the local paper to arrive so I could check basic stats and track day-old news nestled within a few pages of newsprint. Today, I have access to unlimited possibilities for analysis and perspectives online.

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Here Comes the Future: 5 Technology Game-Changers That Will Transform the World in 2016

Remember the words “disruptive technology?” Every entrepreneur, business and technology firm used these words to help them advance their business and source funding, it was the crux of their elevator pitch. Today, these words are redundant. Technology has disrupted everything from the way we interact with companies, consume, communicate, buy and sell. But rest assured, more technological change is to come—this is only the beginning. The effect it will have on society, the economy and our lives is much more than disruptive it is simply wonderful. So what technology wonders can we expect in 2016 (click to tweet)? Here are my top five:

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