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Reporting 2.0: A Recalibration of Digital Measurement

Social and digital media is revelatory, giving us a platform to change the world and engage audiences across the globe. We can inspire, educate and entertain, while also having the unprecedented ability to measure, track, report, slice, dice, pivot and visualize all of the data in real-time.

With this wealth of information at our fingertips, we often get ahead of ourselves and report on everything from followers and bounce rate, to impressions and click through rate.

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5 Simple Ways to Build Measurement and Analytics Competence

As Seen In… PRSA

Measurement and evaluation have become pressing issues for the PR profession. Whether this is due increasing client demand or internal motivation, demonstrating tangible value of PR efforts has never been more important.

As a result, data and analytics skills are becoming just as important as writing and problem solving to succeed in PR. But numbers can be intimidating. As an assistant professor of public relations, I meet students every day who are reluctant to learn analytics because they find it “too complicated.” But it doesn’t have to be (click to tweet).

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A Warmer, Fuzzier Analytics?


I recently subjected colleagues to a word-association exercise. The word was “Analytics.”  As you can imagine, responses included “Data,” “Metrics” and “Measurement,” emphasizing the stereotypical view that analytics lives in an impenetrable realm of numbers, more numbers and just numbers.

As I am a Strategic Planner, I found this exercise dispiriting. Corporate America has been extolling the virtues of analytics as supposedly critical to strategic business decisions and corporate success, yet it’s still seen and used in a very restricted way. I think it’s a travesty.  It’s time for analytics to have its moment in the sun, not just as the stats professor but as the hip dude/bro/sis it actually is.

In my experience, analytics is used in most companies today in two ways:

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BlogHer Business 2010: What We Heard

BlogHer Business 2010: What We Heard

As an attendee and active participant in BlogHer Business and the BlogHer conferences, I can describe them in one word: power. Power as in the power of the blogger as an influencer and consumer and the power of the enthusiasm and energy that the conferences radiate.

According to BlogHer’s Social Media Matters Study 2010, which was co-sponsored by Ketchum, blogs are second only to Internet search when it comes to influencing product purchase. So, marketers need to be listening, paying attention to and leveraging the trust that bloggers engender among their followers. And, while at the BlogHer Business Conference, ROI analytics are still in great demand, companies are jumping in to social media with two feet and trying to develop analytics along the way.

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