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Evolving for the Future: Barri Rafferty Named CEO

Today is an exciting day for all the colleagues at Ketchum, for our clients and also for our industry. Today, we named Barri Rafferty Chief Executive Officer at Ketchum, effective January 1, with me continuing as Chairman.

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Page Society Annual Conference: Can Communicators Impact the Social Divide?

Rob Flaherty & Barri Rafferty at Page

I recently attended the 33rd Page Society Annual Conference, aptly themed, “Clash of the Empires: Building Bridges In A Divided World.” The picture painted at Page was a bit depressing, yet the realism was important for us to hear as communicators. The post-Brexit world, Trump’s ascension as a Presidential contender and the now tremendous wealth divide created by the financial collapse were all front-and-center topics. Like Davos earlier this year, sitting in London with the opportunity to tap European experts on myriad of pressing global issues provided unique insights beyond a traditional American point of view. Here are a few learnings that I took with me back home.

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Omniwomen: Defining Your Brand (Video)

A few years ago we began a panel discussion series for women leaders. And with each panel I moderate, I realize how much there is to cover and how much I have to learn from the women leaders on the panel as well as those in the audience.

For a variety of reasons, this year I have been thinking about how important it is for women to recognize the power of their personal brand. So much so, that we decided to devote one of our Omniwomen panels to the topic and brought together a few esteemed businesswomen for the discussion. During our conversation we explored topics that included finding your own online voice, why authenticity and humanity are crucial to social sharing and how to define your personal brand (click to tweet).

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On Giving Back

Last night, I was honored and privileged to receive the John W. Hill award at the annual Big Apple Awards hosted by the New York Chapter of the Public Relation Society of America. It was a humbling experience and a moment to reflect on my career and what is important to me.

My role models at Ketchum, Ray Kotcher, Rob Flaherty, John Paluszek, Ron Culp, and David Drobis, all instilled in me the importance of giving back to the industry.  The latter three were esteemed winners of the John W. Hill award.

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How to Achieve Success with Less Stress (Video)

How to Achieve Success with Less Stress (Video)

As Seen In PRWeek…

At this time of year, tips for managing our energy and reducing stress are always handy. With that spirit in mind, I recently had the pleasure of moderating a panel in Chicago comprised of some remarkable female leaders during Omnicom’s Omniwomen event.

The panel, “Intentional Living: Being more Proactive Under Stress,” featured Sharon Melnick, author of “Success Under Stress,” and fellow panelists: Morgan Flatley, CMO, Gatorade and Propel, Robin Shapiro, president and CCO, CAHG, and Tonise Paul, president and CEO, Energy BBDO. Janet Riccio, EVP Omnicom Group and leader of Omniwomen, introduced the panel.

The group gave many wonderful tips, relevant to everyone, but three insights I personally took away were…

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I am not a wife, I’m a CEO.

Are you a spouse? (Click to tweet)

Yes, I was asked that question more than once during the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. In fact, the number of female spouses attending the event makes the 15 percent number of official female attendees seem much larger than it is. (Click to tweet)

While bias still exists, being there as a female CEO does allow you to participate and shape the agenda — an experience I cherish.

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