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2018 Super Bowl Marketing in Two Words: Dilly Dilly!

In what may be an early leader for understatement of the year, the Super Bowl is big business, and in 2018 business if booming! To which I say “Dilly, Dilly!” (but more on that later).

That’s right, despite all the controversy and drama swirling around the NFL, the Super Bowl, a gridiron championship game that has grown into both an annual cultural and social phenomenon, as well as an advertising showcase, has remained impervious to the factors that have tarnished the league’s symbolic shield. As brands line up to spend more than $5 million for a 30 second ad, NBC expects to generate $500 million+ in sales for a broadcast property where viewers look forward to the commercials almost as much – if not more in some cases – than the game itself.

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Game-Planning for a Successful Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a cultural phenomenon, with people from all over the world tuning in to watch the game, the halftime show and the ads; perhaps not in that order. And, regardless of the current issues the NFL is facing both on-and-off the field, this year’s event figures to once again deliver a mass audience devoted to delivering as much, if not more, social chatter about the ads rather than what transpires on the gridiron.

It used to be that the game-winning formula for Super Bowl marketers was simple: Run New Ad + Hire Spokesperson + Host Party = Success!

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4 Ways the Super Bowl Could Score Big with Women & Moms

Women account for an estimated 45 percent of the NFL’s 150 million American audience and are perhaps pro football’s true MVPs. Female fans, a group beloved by advertisers, represent the league’s biggest opportunity for growth. And, according to our recent Ketchum Breadwinner PheMOMenon study, nearly half of all U.S. moms (49 percent) are now the primary breadwinner or are on par financially with their significant other. That makes women (and especially moms) a force to be reckoned with in the NFL, even if they aren’t lining up on the gridiron.

Will this year’s Super Bowl succeed in scoring with the female fan base, or will the domestic abuse issues and “deflate gate” cast a shadow over women’s interest in the game?

If last year was any indicator, the Super Bowl will be used even more in 2015 as a platform to connect with moms and their families. Of course there will be cute puppies (or, in the case of Go Daddy, not), big stars and lots of humor. But, our Breadwinner PheMOMenon data reveals that the true key to reaching moms has everything to do with how they define success.

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