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7 Tips for Standing Out at CES 2018

Most of us think of this time of year as the season for planning Thanksgiving menus and bemoaning the ever earlier arrival of Holiday music in retail stores and shopping malls around the country. But for anyone working in technology, their eyes are already on the second week of January: we’re deep into planning season for CES, the biggest tech event of the year. And it’s not just tech companies. With tech as the new horizontal, brands in adjacent industries like automotive, healthcare, even sports are figuring out their game plan to break through. Here are seven tips that companies of any size can adopt, based on many years helping clients stand out at a very crowded venue:

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Five Lessons in Managing Big “Moment in Time” Marketing

There have been three, major events so far this year for big brands and brand marketing — CES, the Super Bowl and the Grammys – and Ketchum and its clients have been involved with all three with successful, high-profile campaigns. Having just returned from a week in Los Angeles that included a media day at CAA, a private concert with Nick Jonas and attending the Grammy Awards, it was a week full of exciting events and great learning.

Here are five observations that may help the next time one of your clients takes on a major event initiative:

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CES Insights: A PR Pro’s Lessons from 2015 to Get You Ready for 2016

As Seen In… The Access Point.

This is not going to be another post about the major technology trends. If you’re looking for that right now, you can find a few of them here, here and here.

This post delivers a few of our observations from a public relations standpoint helpful to companies looking to make a splash at the annual gadget menagerie.

CES gets bigger every year — more than 170,000 attendees trampled the padded carpets bare this year and took more pictures of random things that they’ll never look at again. (Good thing storage is cheap these days.) More than 3,600 vendors exhibited new products across two show floors, making it seem daunting for any company wanting to break through the noise.

But there are several good tactics and opportunities for companies of all sizes to make their news get noticed and remembered.

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