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Time to Shift Gears on the Driverless Car?

As communicators, our job is to understand where our audience is starting its journey. Our communications plan acts as a strategic roadmap, clearly lighting the path from point A to point B.

That was the genesis of Ketchum’s Next-Gen Guide to the Connected Ride, a study of close to 1,000 16- to 24-year olds’ views on the future of transportation.

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Happy Anniversary, iPad!

One year ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad to the world, triggering a seismic shift in mobile computing. The impact was as unforeseen as it was big. With nearly 15 million iPads sold, Apple outstripped analysts’ average predictions by a factor of 5X. In just one quarter, the iPad helped boost sales of media tablets by 45%, and the iPad alone now accounts for 90% of the market.

The iPad’s impact on content production and distribution has been no less significant. As Apple’s iTunes store upended the music industry model, the iPad has forced print, Web, video and game companies to reconsider their businesses and step up to a whole new expectation for their users’ experience, interactivity and relationship with the content they provide. With the iPad, Apple continued to reign as the king of marketplace disruption.

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