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Why It’s Time to Check Your Visual Reputation!

The mention of any category of business can conjure a brand or image in the modern mind – airline, charity, shoemaker, software developer, hospital, beverage company, car manufacturer, fast food franchise. When considering the brands that come to mind, you likely imagine the brand’s logo or one of their products or services. And, more than likely, if that brand has been embroiled in any controversy, you can recall a video snippet, meme or photo, that is forever etched in your mind, and can be handily recalled on your cell phone.

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Considering Values-based Marketing Programs? Make Sure your Brand has “Permission”

When you run an ad campaign that costs $5 million dollars, you’re looking for a big return on your investment, right?

Unfortunately, as brands look to increase their impact by touching on culturally relevant, and highly sensitive, topics, we are seeing both advertising and marketing campaigns miss the mark. When this happens, they are often described as “tone deaf” and brands are left to ponder how their best intentions created a PR catastrophe.

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Reputation Management: A Blueprint for 2017

2017, a year of significant change in many parts of the world for sure. What will it hold for organizations in the area of reputation management? A new year always brings new challenges in an ever-evolving reputational threat landscape. But it also inevitably includes imperatives which are seemingly timeless and risks we can anticipate year after year.

With that in mind, here are seven observations, potential watch-outs and recommendations for brands and organizations as we begin the year:

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Time to Refocus on Reputation

I think we’ve let ourselves get distracted over the past couple of years by the digital bandwagon. We’ve got all of these new communications channels all around us that promise so much. But what has really changed?

Regardless of whether you are broadcasting on Facebook, Sina Weibo or YouTube, we still have our target audiences just as we had with newspapers, TV and radio. We’ve always had “fans” who “like” us and detractors who don’t. Deciding which side of the fence to sit on is still based on values and behavior.

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The Changing Crisis Management Landscape

Reputation is undoubtedly one of a corporation’s most valuable assets. Organizations invest millions of dollars and many years of effort to build their brands and develop trust among their stakeholders. But in today’s lightning-fast, hyper-connected world, a crisis can occur in a heartbeat and destroy a hard-earned reputation at Internet speed. With so much at stake, effective crisis communication and issues management require companies to gain a new understanding of who their audiences are and what they expect and share about a brand. In a new podcast I just recorded for an audio series by American Airlines called “The Executive Report,” I discuss how new demands for corporate transparency and new channels opened by social media are transformng the way companies must prepare for and respond to crises. I invite you to listen to this discussion below and let me know your thoughts on this topic.  http://newsroom.ketchum.com/multimedia-center/podcasts/changing-crisis-management-landscape

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