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8 Steps to Increase Your Organization’s Crisis Resiliency

Crisis preparedness is important. But is it essential?

Your organization may not think so and it’s easy to understand why. Preparing for an event that may occur is easy to put aside when teams are busy with what’s relevant now. Unfortunately, the experience of managing an actual crisis prompts organizations to finally begin preparing for the next one.

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Reputation Management: A Blueprint for 2017

2017, a year of significant change in many parts of the world for sure. What will it hold for organizations in the area of reputation management? A new year always brings new challenges in an ever-evolving reputational threat landscape. But it also inevitably includes imperatives which are seemingly timeless and risks we can anticipate year after year.

With that in mind, here are seven observations, potential watch-outs and recommendations for brands and organizations as we begin the year:

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The Role of Social Media in Crisis Situations

Social media has changed absolutely everything and absolutely nothing in crisis communications.

I’m on my way to the International Air Transport Association’s Crisis Communications Conference in Hong Kong today and much of the discussion leading up to the event has focused on the impact of social media in crisis situations, and for good reason. Social media has been a transformative catalyst in both responding to and managing crises, creating both considerable challenges and very real opportunities for communicators across all industry sectors.

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Memo to Herman: The Rules of Engagement Have Changed!

To say it’s been a difficult two weeks for Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain would be a gross understatement.

We haven’t seen a presidential primary media scrum like this since Bill Clinton in 1992 and Gary Hart in 1988 – long before social media, Twitter, or even cable news channels, for that matter.

The rules of engagement have changed completely, though Cain seems to have missed the memo.

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The Changing Crisis Management Landscape

Reputation is undoubtedly one of a corporation’s most valuable assets. Organizations invest millions of dollars and many years of effort to build their brands and develop trust among their stakeholders. But in today’s lightning-fast, hyper-connected world, a crisis can occur in a heartbeat and destroy a hard-earned reputation at Internet speed. With so much at stake, effective crisis communication and issues management require companies to gain a new understanding of who their audiences are and what they expect and share about a brand. In a new podcast I just recorded for an audio series by American Airlines called “The Executive Report,” I discuss how new demands for corporate transparency and new channels opened by social media are transformng the way companies must prepare for and respond to crises. I invite you to listen to this discussion below and let me know your thoughts on this topic.  http://newsroom.ketchum.com/multimedia-center/podcasts/changing-crisis-management-landscape

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