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The Migration from Digital to Phygital

The world is set to undergo the next evolutionary phase in digital communication – and, for once, it has little to do with technology. Instead it will be about how brands communicate with content-hungry audiences and become fully connected in all aspects of their lives, whether they’re visiting their local supermarket or checking out their favorite brands online. It’s a year where experiential marketing will speak much louder than technological innovations.

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Top 100: The Digital, Social & Media Stories That Shaped 2015

Top 100: The Digital, Social & Media Stories That Shaped 2015

The Ketchum Engagement Network is a community of digital and social practitioners across the world tasked with understanding what’s happening on the internet, and looking for ways to better understand consumer behaviour and help our clients engage with their publics.

Here are the 100 most important digital, traditional media and social stories that we spotted during 2015 (click to tweet). There are platform updates, new tools, innovation in media, and new reports and regulations.

This article was originally written for the Ketchum Digital & Social Almanac 2016. Please follow along with the complete 60-page book for further analysis of the trends that we’ve identified for the year head.

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Attend Respect the Internet on Oct. 6

Is heavy-handed, one-way, brandcentric marketing clogging up the arteries of the Internet, barging in on our personal space, and ruining the social Web?

Do we really want to be friends with brands? Do we want to be viewed not as people but as “consumers?” Are we reduced to demographics and psychographics, or has the Internet reshuffled the deck, as we self-identify and self-organize around common interests and shared beliefs, regardless of geography, age, gender and race.

Do we use social networks, or are we being used by them and the advertisers that finance them?

What, if any, is the proper time, place and manner for commercial speech on the social Web?

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Digital Tweets from Ketchum Peeps

One thing is certain, people love spoof Twitter accounts. Proof of the fact could easily be illustrated around the massive following the @BronxZooCobra (account now suspended) accumulated.

A similar account popped up this week, but this time it was in the form of the Conde Nast elevator. This week’s digital tweets touch on that, as well as a number of other items you might find interesting.

• By @ryanshell “Fantastic! The Conde Nast elevator now has a Twitter account sharing things overheard in the elevator. Somewhat genius. http://ht.ly/5YIni” Update: the account quickly topped 50k and the owner has since decided to stop tweeting.

• By @merrittPR “64% of Small Businesses Think Social Media Is Unnecessary [STUDY] http://t.co/nNIQxy6 via @mashbusiness @mashable”

• By @adamkornblum “The State of Mobile Malware [INFOGRAPHIC] http://t.co/2bPnS92 via @mashablemobile @mashable #KETCHUM!”

• By @jonathankopp “Interesting study by Forrester & Dell on how different industries measure success on the social web. http://sgp.cm/1959 http://sgp.cm/877ce4”

• By @merrittpr “How Students Use Technology [INFOGRAPHIC] http://t.co/k1OvSsu My how times have changed since I was in college! via @mashable”

Thanks for checking out this week’s Digital Tweets from Ketchum Peeps!

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Happy Anniversary, iPad!

One year ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad to the world, triggering a seismic shift in mobile computing. The impact was as unforeseen as it was big. With nearly 15 million iPads sold, Apple outstripped analysts’ average predictions by a factor of 5X. In just one quarter, the iPad helped boost sales of media tablets by 45%, and the iPad alone now accounts for 90% of the market.

The iPad’s impact on content production and distribution has been no less significant. As Apple’s iTunes store upended the music industry model, the iPad has forced print, Web, video and game companies to reconsider their businesses and step up to a whole new expectation for their users’ experience, interactivity and relationship with the content they provide. With the iPad, Apple continued to reign as the king of marketplace disruption.

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