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Earth Day: Three Ways to Start Engaging Digitally on April 22

We have been celebrating Earth Day for 47 years and, over time, more and more people have been engaged in raising awareness for the need to be conscious about our planet and taking action to preserve it. But the earth is too fragile for us not to think that Earth Day should be every day.

While April 22 is the official day of observance, and its messaging is extending throughout the month of April, we know the volume of social conversation around it is incredibly high and can be hard to break through. But don’t let that stop you—there are lots of simple ways to engage digitally that will benefit you and your brand.

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Earth Day 2016: The Importance of Tomorrow

Earth Day is upon us once again! Companies are celebrating by launching new and exciting campaigns; kids in school will honor this day by planting a tree, or beginning a new composting program; parents will teach their young ones why it’s so important to protect and conserve the Earth—an Earth that is often take for granted.

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