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When the Grid Goes Down: Major Utilities Must Begin Communications Preparedness

Over the past month many news stories have appeared about the current power grid and its susceptibility to interruption by both attacks and natural causes. While the industry has been monitoring and dealing with weather-related outages for decades, only more recently have policy makers and regulators taken a more focused interest on the viability of the grid with respect to cyber and physical attacks.

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The Evolving Energy Story

Annually, at the end of April, energy experts from around the world gather in Houston, Texas for Cambridge Energy Resources Week (CERA) to discuss industry issues and opportunities, and share their visions of the future. This year, Ketchum Energy simultaneously sponsored an energy communications symposium in Houston in an effort to learn from these energy sector leaders.

The intersection of these two gatherings left me inspired and gave me some time to reflect on the evolution of energy communications. Here are a few of my “take-homes” from the conference:

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