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Ketchum Food Forecast 2018: Ketchum’s Global Food and Beverage Practice Shares What It Sees for Food in 2018.

For questions and additional implications for food marketing and communication professionals, contact borderlessnutrition@ketchum.com.

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Reflections on 10 Years in Food and Nutrition Communications

In 2006, the first tweet was published on March 21, Facebook opened its registration beyond college campuses on September 26, and Google purchased YouTube on October 9. As these soon-to-be ubiquitous social platforms were just taking shape, I joined Ketchum on March 13th (on the very day Blogger was named “Best Web Application for Weblogs” at SXSW). I was a registered dietitian with a few years of experience working in the food industry but Ketchum was my first PR agency role. The fact that the industry, and every industry for that matter, was changing every single day was lost on me at that moment. I was just trying to navigate my way through this new territory. As I celebrate and reflect on a decade at Ketchum, here are some examples from my personal journey that punctuate the transformation of food and nutrition communications, along with the implications to consider for the continued evolution of the industry.

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New Food, Where Content is King

Last week, we launched our new, state-of-the-art Ketchum Food Studio. It was an exhilarating moment to unveil our commitment to creating compelling food content and to serving it across digital and traditional platforms to reach the broad new array of audiences interested in food.

The event was a great — and delicious — success, with celebrity chef Gary Danko serving his famous buckwheat blinis with smoked salmon and caviar and Ketchum Food Studio chef David Shalleck treating our 100 guests to a sizzling cheese-topped asparagus gratin.

With that mouth-watering backdrop, I found myself reflecting on the evolution of food communications. We are at a major inflection point where technology dominates how consumers receive and evaluate information related to the food they consume, and opinions are shaped by many sources — from food influencers to visionary chefs, farmers, food scientists, nutritionists and even self-appointed consumer “experts.”

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5 Tips on How to Make TV Appearances Memorable

If you visit the Internet or watch cable TV you know food is part of the national conversation.  No matter how you slice or dice it, a culinary professional can’t stay hidden in the kitchen anymore.

Opportunities abound for food experts to connect with the public are far and beyond traditional morning TV appearances.

Perhaps it’s an interview with a web TV broadcast, a Facebook chat, or a briefing with food bloggers.  Competition for the consumer’s heart and appetite is fierce. So whether you’re a bona fide “celebrity chef,” a restaurateur, a food artisan, or an entrepreneur looking to build business, it’s critical to have a clear sense of story and hone your delivery skills.

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