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Ketchum Influencer: A more evolved global approach to influencer relations

As companies everywhere embrace influencer relations, many face the same question – how do you combine the art of co-creating brand storytelling with the science of delivering hard data to select influencers and measure real business results?

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Influencer Relations Has Officially Made it to High School

As with every new marketing discipline, it takes a few years of trial and (sometimes epic) error before the training wheels are cast aside, and it’s ready to be part of the core communications mix. After attending VidCon 2016 in Anaheim last week, I can say, with confidence, influencer relations has basically hit high school—finding its place in the world and doing so with more discipline. It has grown into a bright, intelligent, creative and more calculated instrument in the marketing toolbox. Amid the brilliant, creative and highly effective creator/brand partnerships, there are still some that make you scratch your head, but that’s high-schoolers for ya!

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A Look Inside the Beltway Media Ecosystem

Information is the coin of the realm in Washington, and the media habits of the city’s influencers reflect that demand for news, insight and gossip. Whether from traditional channels such as cable and broadcast news or newer outlets including Twitter and the blogosphere, influencers inside the Beltway generate, share and discuss information at home, at work and while on the move.

As we look ahead to a year jammed with presidential politics and non-stop election coverage, three concepts will continue to define consumption habits in the nation’s capital – with implications from K Street to Wall Street to Main Street.

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