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Seven Trends From SXSW: A Future in Flux

Social responsibility has moved from the edge of a brand’s identity to the center.
And with that shift, the role of CMOs has evolved to also include advocacy. A lot of companies are playing catch-up in a culture where they can’t afford to NOT have a point of view.

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SXSW Wrap-up Report: 10 trends for brands

SXSW, the annual music, film and interactive conference took place in Austin, Texas last week. Ketchum had a team on the ground and here are ten things that we spotted. There are lessons on content, organizational change and workflow.

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SXSW: My Office on Mars

More than anything else, SXSW is a realm of possibilities; the promise of a smarter and more transparent future. Austin is teaming with change-agents, event-activators and dynamic speakers – meaning everyone is bound to come away with something different. The sessions you attend, conversations you have, and gut insights you carry back to your native office all shape your purview of what transpired. Personally, I’ve noticed three themes at SXSW:

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SXSW 2015 Survival Guide

A biochemist, cosplay Sailor Moon and Malcolm Gladwell walk into a bar …

That would be the opening to a pretty hilarious joke if it wasn’t bound to be realized at #SXSW2015. This year’s conference promises to be the biggest and most diverse yet and, luckily for me, I’ll have a front row seat (or slab of carpeted wall to lean on) for the festivities.

As a SXSW first-timer (thank you for sending me Ketchum), the inevitable ensued once word spread that I’d be headed to Austin. Colleagues from New York to Seoul began to stop by or call with advice and words of wisdom from past excursions. Needless to say, I took both mental and written notes. This post is the byproduct of their collective SXSW wisdom, along with a few predictive insights that I managed to come up with all on my own.

I’ve compiled the insights below in what I hope will be my first of many SXSW Survival Guides (click to tweet).

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