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Who Owns Who in Global Media?

As seen in World Economic Forum’s Agenda.

UK-based media conglomerate Pearson has made headline news twice in the past week. First, the company confirmed the $1.3 billion sale of the Financial Times Group to Japan’s Nikkei, then revealed it is in talks to sell its 50% stake in the Economist.

The graphic below shows how the deal to sell the Financial Times compares with other global newspapers’ mergers and acquisitions.

While media takeovers are hardly a modern phenomenon, the past week’s developments do shed light on a growing trend of globalization in media. This can also be seen through digital companies like BuzzFeed expanding their offices around the world, and others such as Axel Springer (who missed out on the FT deal) looking to invest and expand with global media partners. (click to tweet)

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Diversity & Inclusion: Looking Ahead to ColorComm

I’m excited to attend the 2015 ColorComm Conference (C2) – The New Reality, this week in Key Biscayne, FL. The conference, which draws more than 300 multicultural professional women and men, is held annually and features innovative programs and topics presented by the Communication industry’s top practitioners and thought-leaders.

I was fortunate to attend ColorComm last year and it was a life-changing experience. As a woman of color, the conference was the first time I was among more than 300 women in a professional setting who looked a lot like me! The feeling of belonging and instant connection that was created due to our shared life experiences was palpable. The confidence that I felt in learning from others who have blazed a trail similar to the one I’ve been traveling, and who were willing and eager to pass along pearls of wisdom, was uplifting.

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Why the WHY Matters: Unleashing the Full Potential of Big Data

Consumer Insights have evolved from an intuitive, gut-based, “trust me” kind of discipline to a data-led, rational and programmatic one. It’s a welcome development, but there’s also a problem … Big Data has been hijacked by incrementality. It’s being used primarily in analyzing what is happening, in order to do “more of this” or “less of that”, but is not helping marketers understand the why: why something works, why it behaves the way it does, & why some brands become superstars while others wither away (click-to-tweet).

In other words, we are stopping short of discovering the causes for causality.

Here are two critical reasons why this story must be told:

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Influencer Identification: How To Make the Right Choices For Your Program

While the concept of leveraging influencers to drive successful communications programs is by no means a new one, I’ve noticed a significant increase in influencer programming.

And while I do agree that influencer-driven marketing can be impactful if done correctly, I’m often disappointed in the lack of rigor behind the process of identifying the strongest online influencers for a campaign – and less-than-satisfactory results of some of these programs confirms my concern.

Companies and brands that are choosing the influencers they work with based on the fact that they know them, or recognize them as a presence in their industry, or by the number of Twitter followers they have – are missing the boat. And if they’re paying these folks for their support, they are likely spending their dollars poorly. (click-to-tweet)

The wrong reasons to form alliances with influencers:

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The PR Youth of Today Has Evolved

As Seen In…PRMoment

At the age of 25 I was all about having fun. I’d landed a decent job at an NGO in Washington, but I figured I had all the time in the world to build a proper career. In fact, it probably wasn’t until my mid-30s that I really knuckled down at work. What were you doing at 25? Do you remember that time you thought you were going to get the sack? How naive you were about business? The hangover sickies you pulled? The liberties you took?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking today’s young pros are much the same as we were. It’s easy to assume they are going through essentially the same life journey as we did – in a similar environment, with similar strengths and weaknesses. After all today’s under 25s dress and talk differently, just as we did. They too are more tolerant, liberal and progressive than their predecessors. They too are (of course) at the beginnings of their careers so less knowledgeable about both our industry and office politics.

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Achieving Peak Awesomeness in PR

We’re all pretty awesome at PR, as shown by our smiley/happy Facebook feeds and gorgeous/clever Instagram posts, but there is always room to be even awesome-er.

Here are five ways to reach Peak PR Awesomeness in 2015, gleaned from some of the best PR minds I know…

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Welcome to 2015! (Video)

As we enter 2015, I’m proud to share Ketchum’s multimedia year in review, which features a look back at 2014 and a look ahead to the trends that will shape our world in the coming year.

We spent 2014 working in partnership with our clients to create break through work and evolving our expertise to better meet clients’ needs.

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Metaphor Update: Client Directors As DJs?

Communicators are fond of metaphors, especially musical metaphors that appeal to our artistic and cultural aspirations.

And for PR people of a certain age (those who have actually used a fax machine, for example), the musical metaphor of choice for multitasking client directors has been the orchestra conductor.

Elegant, masterful and in supreme control of 100 instruments, this is an image we (some of us, at least) have come to rely upon to describe the expertise and composure required of those leading client engagements.

But is it a relevant analogy for those actually running the show?

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Top 7 Myths in Public Relations

As Seen In PRNews…

Public relations can be a simple industry for many who choose to consider it as such: You get a client, call the media, tell their story, go home. At least, that’s the going thought out there.

For those of us who do this every day, we know that’s not the case. The world of PR is a multifaceted and complex industry, one that involves training, research and consistent practice. It is part Web understanding, part writing well and a whole bunch of trial-and-error. However, there are also many myths out there about what PR professionals do not do.

Many of these myths are perpetuated by misunderstanding of the industry. Admittedly, some of the myths are brought on by a gaggle of people working in agencies that are not doing the rest of us any favors. Let’s hope we can help everyone by a little demystification with seven myths about public relations.

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