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Prepare to Launch: Meet the Next Generation of PR Leaders

Our industry has been facing a diversity crisis. In recent years, there have been countless panel discussions, debates and articles chronicling the challenges we face in ensuring our agencies and our in-house teams are reflective of the consumers with which we are engaging. This means diversity of all types: gender, ethnicity, age, religious background, sexual orientation. Employing a diverse workforce is critically important, and I imagine these conversations will continue to dominate until our industry makes significant shifts in the right direction.

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Gamers Wanted: Launching an Evolution in Recruitment

I was fortunate enough to recently attend PR Council’s Diversity Distinction in PR awards ceremony, along with Ketchum SVP/Diversity & Inclusion Director Sharon Jones. LaunchPad, Ketchum’s gamified summer fellowship application program, received an Honorary Mention award for Best New Diversity Initiative. For those not familiar with these awards, they are sponsored by the PR Council in partnership with PR Week and honor excellence in promoting ethnic diversity within the PR sector.

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Epiphanies and Advice from Campers (Video)

Every two years, Ketchum sends our most promising young leaders off to Camp Ketchum for what we hope will be a transformative educational experience. Founded in 1986, Camp Ketchum is well recognized and celebrated as one of the most innovative training programs in the communications industry.

This year, 80 campers assembled at Abbaye de la Ramée in Belgium for the coveted opportunity to learn cutting edge approaches to our business, engage in a competitive client challenge and experiment, co-create, collaborate and build relationships with a mix of more than 100 colleagues and counselors from 16 different countries around the world.

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Looking for a Job? Top 10 Tips from a Seasoned Recruiter

Whether you’re new to the job market or a seasoned professional exploring a change-in-scenery, looking for a job can be daunting.  As a recruiter I see easy-to-avoid missteps throughout the job search process every day. Before you apply to a job, read these tips! They just might help you land your next dream job.

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