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Why It’s Time to Check Your Visual Reputation!

The mention of any category of business can conjure a brand or image in the modern mind – airline, charity, shoemaker, software developer, hospital, beverage company, car manufacturer, fast food franchise. When considering the brands that come to mind, you likely imagine the brand’s logo or one of their products or services. And, more than likely, if that brand has been embroiled in any controversy, you can recall a video snippet, meme or photo, that is forever etched in your mind, and can be handily recalled on your cell phone.

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Considering Values-based Marketing Programs? Make Sure your Brand has “Permission”

When you run an ad campaign that costs $5 million dollars, you’re looking for a big return on your investment, right?

Unfortunately, as brands look to increase their impact by touching on culturally relevant, and highly sensitive, topics, we are seeing both advertising and marketing campaigns miss the mark. When this happens, they are often described as “tone deaf” and brands are left to ponder how their best intentions created a PR catastrophe.

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Unlock Your Most Powerful Reputation Asset: Your Employees

Many refer to today’s corporate landscape as the “reputation economy,” with consumer decisions becoming increasingly dependent on online reviews and opinion leaders. We believe the same is happening within many corporations, where opinions are being formed not only by a combination of influencers, media, pundits and activists, but also through interactions with a brand’s most powerful reputation asset: its employees.

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Who Really Controls Your Reputation?

Many are referring to today’s consumer sector as the “reputation economy,” with purchasing decisions becoming almost solely dependent on online critiques and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) postings. But from our experience, the same is becoming more and more the case with corporations where opinions are being formed by a combination of online influencers, media coverage, pundits, activists and word of mouth. More than ever before, a company’s reputation is being controlled by its stakeholders.

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