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The Evolution of Data in PR: From Analysis to Synthesis

Data is no longer a “nice to know” topic – it is now established at the very frontier of PR, and those who truly understand how to use it to drive client programs will be able to succeed by orders of magnitude over those who don’t.

It’s also fair to say that we in PR are simply not yet harnessing data’s full power. But what’s holding us back? I see three core barriers and three key evolutions that communicators must address if we’re going to succeed in the long run.

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Adopting a Global Mindset

I’ve always considered myself to be a very global person. I spent my childhood overseas, I speak three languages and I work at a global communications agency. I’m totally global!

How wrong I am.

After seven years in New York, I moved to Ketchum’s London office. As a member of the research team in New York, I had done my fair share of surveys, measurement and desk research, but these projects almost always focused on brands and consumers in the U.S.

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