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What You Say Matters. What They Say… Matters More.

Whether you like it or not, people are talking about you around. the. clock…

They’re talking about your company, they’re talking about the amazing services you provide, and about the defective products you’ve manufactured.

They’re complaining about your exorbitant fees and praising your incredible discounts.

They’re talking about your down-to-earth CEO, your hilarious flight attendants, your thoughtful cashiers, your rude customer service reps… and they’re also talking about your competitors who, by the way, are also having their say about you.

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Social Listening: Map the Landscape to Drive Smart Strategy

Most people in the communications industry are probably familiar with social listening by now, but many are limiting its usefulness.

Some companies only use social listening for monitoring, which basically means turning on a listening tool and waiting for something bad to happen.

That’s smart to do. Many PR pros who have been burned before can attest to the damage one moment in time can cause when an issue blows up and they’re not there to throw water on it. Monitoring allows us to inform our clients of an issue and react to it before it spins into a full-blown crisis.

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