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Finding Social Inspiration In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

When looking for creative and innovative ways to share a brand’s story, we often find inspiration from Fortune 100 brands, inspiring purpose-driven organizations or from no-holds-barred start-ups. But sometimes, we can discover inspiration in unlikely and often uncharted territory for communications professionals. Yesterday, NASA hosted a press conference to announce its discovery of seven new Earth-sized planets orbiting a nearby star (a mere 235 trillion miles away), and opened the event up to the public by allowing curious community members to #AskNASA any question on their social platforms. NASA also had a session with Reddit and Ask Me Anything (AMA) after the press conference.

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Tips to Keep Your Story Sharp in an Excessively Talkative World

Once upon a time, you might have known a small handful of people who were afflicted with the gift of gab. Perhaps it was Aunt Gloria who was famous for monopolizing holiday dinner conversation, your loquacious neighbor Kathy who verbally assaulted you as you lugged in the groceries, or Tony the dry cleaner who just couldn’t let you get away without sharing his life story.

The problem has multiplied. With 24-hour cable TV news, marathon political debates, a proliferation of pitchmen, and mobile phones in the hands of every pedestrian on Earth, the chatter is never-ending.

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