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What’s trending in social media for 2018?

Staying ahead of innovation in digital and social media provides a competitive advantage for Ketchum and its clients. We’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to engage with publics.

I’ve tapped our digital hive mind to discover the issues that our strategists around the world are thinking about in 2018.

If you’d like to talk about working with your organization to tackle any of the issues raised, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly or comment below.

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Six Second or Six Hour Attention Span?

Are attention spans shortening more and more? Do we lack the ability to concentrate on something for more than a few seconds? While it’s not yet scientifically proven that humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish, the “humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish” headline was just too good to pass up, right? Anecdotal evidence would suggest that our attention spans have indeed diminished over the past decade. However, it depends on what medium and the context as to how attention spans are affected.

To dive in and examine attention spans, we can look at video as the key medium for consumption.

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Ketchum Digital Almanac: Seven Digital & Social Trends for 2016

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Ketchum’s inaugural Digital & Social Almanac.

The 60-page Almanac has been a community project in the truest sense of the term. Ketchum experts from Beijing to Toronto and Chicago to Vienna collaborated to identify the top 100 digital and social new stories from last year and produced 17 opinion pieces on the state of digital and social media, marketing and public relations for the year ahead (click to tweet).

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Tweeting Right To The Top

Social media does indeed provide platforms to connect with basically anyone. We’ve all heard the success stories about people being socially proactive and having their voices heard by those they would have never have imagined reaching. Why not you?

With more C-Suite executives than ever joining social media and expanding their existing footprint, and a trend toward more direct engagement from industry leaders and brands, now is the right time to follow and reach out to your “dream boss.” Think of all the politicians and celebrities that respond to fans, consumer brands that alter products based on Twitter feedback, the news sources that break live stories with pedestrian-shot socially-sourced photos, etc. A simple tweet or direct message can be the perfect way to connect with someone who would otherwise be out of reach.

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Influencer Identification: How To Make the Right Choices For Your Program

While the concept of leveraging influencers to drive successful communications programs is by no means a new one, I’ve noticed a significant increase in influencer programming.

And while I do agree that influencer-driven marketing can be impactful if done correctly, I’m often disappointed in the lack of rigor behind the process of identifying the strongest online influencers for a campaign – and less-than-satisfactory results of some of these programs confirms my concern.

Companies and brands that are choosing the influencers they work with based on the fact that they know them, or recognize them as a presence in their industry, or by the number of Twitter followers they have – are missing the boat. And if they’re paying these folks for their support, they are likely spending their dollars poorly. (click-to-tweet)

The wrong reasons to form alliances with influencers:

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Don’t Measure Social Media. Measure What You Accomplish with Social Media.

In my role as VP, Digital Research and Analytics, I’m often asked, “What is the true value of social media?”

This is an important question. I’m always happy when clients are looking for ways to have a greater impact. It means they’re thinking beyond engagement metrics and looking for the business value.

On the other hand, there isn’t one single solution for measuring the value of social media. It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Is your end-goal a sale? A lead? A donation or volunteer? And what is it worth to your business?

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21 Things that Happened on the Social Web in the Last 90 Days

As media fragments, brands are finding new ways to engage with the public via paid, earned, shared and owned channels. All forms of media are innovating and attempting to figure out how to balance the tension between generating income and providing a valuable proposition to both audiences and brands. As a result, there has never been a more exciting time to work in our business.

In my new role as chief engagement office at Ketchum, I lead an internal community of digital practitioners called the Engagement Network. The network is comprised of strategists and trend-spotters who curate and share content to help us better serve our clients.

Here are 21 platform updates and news items spotted by our community over the last 90 days, each of which can have a unique impact on brands and how they communicate within the marketplace (click to tweet).

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Consumer Rules 2.0: Avoiding the #BrandFAIL (Infographic)

We all cringe, yet we cannot look away, when a brand crashes and burns on social media. We shake our heads and think, “How did they not see that coming?” The sad reality is that it does keep coming — a hijacked hashtag here, a Facebook war there, and general internet mockery or outrage everywhere. Brand fails on the internet have become a spectator sport (click to tweet). Sadly, as soon as one brand learns a hard lesson, another will be right behind it, failing in the exact same way.

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New Year, new job.

In 2015 social and digital are no longer specialist areas of public relations. They’re simply good day-to-day public relations practice.

Yet the question on the table remains, how do we best engage with all our clients’ audiences today? It’s a question I’m excited to answer, and to do so, I am making a move… but luckily I’m not going very far.

I’m delighted to step into the newly-created role of Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum. Our first ever. While the term has been used to describe internal communications, at Ketchum, we’re using it to describe the engagement needed to be effective online.

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