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He’s Back! What Marketers Can Learn from Tiger Woods

We all seek greatness, whether it’s from the products we use, the people we surround ourselves with, the brands we like or even in ourselves. It’s the story of our times. It’s also the story of great sport. As all eyes turn toward the first of this year’s golf majors, The Masters, suddenly there is even more anticipation and expectation. Why? Because Tiger Woods is back, once again commanding headlines, fascination and even the odds. Without a PGA TOUR win since 2013, Woods’ play during his comeback this year has made him the odds-makers’ favorite at 8-1 for a victory in Augusta.

So, why do people care so much about Tiger Woods? It’s simple, we still care because we miss the greatness. Woods erupted onto the scene with one of the most meteoric rises ever, and then fell apart in an equally stunning and most public collapse. He drew mores eyes to him, and to the world of golf, than any other golfer ever. He was compelling, a unique combination of skill and aloofness, yet with a magnetism that appealed to every  American. TV ratings, crowds and prize money all increased significantly. People had to watch. And just as equally, people had to watch his fall from grace.

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Bloggers Are Just People and New Media Is Just Media

When I first moved to New York City in 2012, I had a random Craig’s List roommate who claimed to be a “sports blogger.” In reality, he worked as an associate at Barney’s and tweeted, wrote and ranted about sports in his spare time. He also attended the Blogs with Balls Conference every year and insisted that it was the next big thing in sports journalism.

At the time, I just figured it was a bunch of sports “nerds” in a basement (which it technically was, at first). In reality, my then-roommate was right: Just three years later, Blogs With Balls is filled with everyone from PR guys like me, to people who get paid to blog about sports, to the NFL Players Association.

My Ketchum Sports & Entertainment colleague, Brandon Williams, was a moderator for the “Measuring Online Influence” panel. We attended Blogs With Balls 6 in Chicago just days before the NFL draft to get a glimpse into the future of sports coverage.

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2015 Global Sports Business Outlook: Top 10 Opportunities for Brands

Even though 2015 isn’t an Olympic Games or (men’s) FIFA World Cup year, there are a number of premier international sporting events and competitions taking place—from the ICC Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in February and March, the UEFA Champions League Final in Germany in June, the Pan Am Games in Toronto in July, the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada in June and July and the Rugby World Cup in September and October in England.

These events will draw tens of millions of consumer eyeballs and hundreds of millions of dollars in broadcaster and sponsor revenues.

Below are ten trends or developments in the sports marketing and PR industry that will be important to keep in mind for any brands interested in leveraging these platforms – and others – in the future…

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