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He’s Back! What Marketers Can Learn from Tiger Woods

We all seek greatness, whether it’s from the products we use, the people we surround ourselves with, the brands we like or even in ourselves. It’s the story of our times. It’s also the story of great sport. As all eyes turn toward the first of this year’s golf majors, The Masters, suddenly there is even more anticipation and expectation. Why? Because Tiger Woods is back, once again commanding headlines, fascination and even the odds. Without a PGA TOUR win since 2013, Woods’ play during his comeback this year has made him the odds-makers’ favorite at 8-1 for a victory in Augusta.

So, why do people care so much about Tiger Woods? It’s simple, we still care because we miss the greatness. Woods erupted onto the scene with one of the most meteoric rises ever, and then fell apart in an equally stunning and most public collapse. He drew mores eyes to him, and to the world of golf, than any other golfer ever. He was compelling, a unique combination of skill and aloofness, yet with a magnetism that appealed to every  American. TV ratings, crowds and prize money all increased significantly. People had to watch. And just as equally, people had to watch his fall from grace.

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