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What Responsibility Do Organizations Have to Be Transparent with Their Publics?

If an organization wants a strong reputation, and all of the benefits that come with it, then it has a significant responsibility to be transparent. Why — what’s the business case?

Interestingly, transparency is not a responsibility that has always been a fundamental requirement for a company. In the past, it was fine for a company to tightly control the information it revealed. Years ago, many companies treated the public like mushrooms: they kept them in the dark.

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Supply Chain Transparency Offers Reputational Opportunities

Focusing on supply chain sustainability has long been a no-brainer for corporations seeking to build reputational capital and protect brands from the vocal environmental activists who emerged in the ‘90s. Similarly today, public awareness of supply chain transparency issues is increasing, particularly when it comes to human rights (labor abuses, operations impacting geopolitically contested areas, controversial contracts, etc.). Unfortunately, corporate communications is still playing “catch-up” when it comes to supply chain consumer transparency, with a host of brands recently facing public scrutiny for supply chain practices that can have a lasting impact on the brand. What we can learn from these scenarios is that the circumstances of how the supply chain practices were revealed—usually by a source other than the company—were just as damaging to public perception as the substance of those revelations themselves.

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