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TAG, Georgia’s “IT” for Innovation in the Tech Industry

I recently had the pleasure of representing Ketchum at the 2018 Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Summit. With over 1,400 attendees, it is one of the largest tech showcases in the Southeast. So large, in fact, that the Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, kicked off day two by noting tech growth in the region has increased 14.68 percent over the past five years – three times the national average!

The growth is no accident. With a highly skilled labor market, low cost of living, diverse range of industries and top notch higher-ed institutions, it is no wonder why software and IT companies are flocking to Georgia as their new home base.

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Full-Court Press: VR for Sports Fans Needs a New Narrative

I stepped into the batter’s box at Yankee Stadium with shaky hands and weak knees. Waving the bat above my shoulder, I tried to look the part while Masahiro Tanaka stared down his catcher for the sign. Would he try to blow me away with a mid-90’s fastball? Buckle my knees with a slider? If that wasn’t enough to think about, there was always that devastating splitter. In an instant, there it was: slider, tailing outside. My bat sparked to life and a little bouncer dribbled up the third base line. I made contact! And I might have beaten the throw to first base too… if I wasn’t wearing a virtual reality headset.

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Can Virtual Reality Make DeAndre Jordan an Elite Free Throw Shooter?

Along with 50+ million other sports fans in North America, I too obsess about fantasy sports – and this time of year, I’m particularly fixated on fantasy basketball. This past week, my near-constant attention to an imaginary basketball team, Dynamite Diggums, led me to this tasty little nugget: Los Angeles Clippers’ center DeAndre Jordan is experimenting with VR to improve his free throw shooting.

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VR Will Be Bigger Than We Think

For the past few weeks we’ve invested in demonstrating Virtual Reality to Ketchum’s employees, clients and partners. It’s indescribable. The only way to understand the potential of this technology is through context. We all know VR is going to be huge… and after these past few weeks, I firmly believe it’s going to be even bigger than we think.

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The Future of Storytelling is Virtual

Imagine sitting in the front row at one of the highest-rated basketball games of all time: Game 7 of the 2016 NBA finals. Over 30 million people tuned in to watch the Cavaliers’ historic win over the Golden State Warriors in Oracle Arena.

Now, imagine being completely immersed in a front-row experience from the comfort of your own couch…

Looking around the arena, following the players up and down the court as if you were there in person, live, hearing everything around you, and experiencing a historic Game 7 as a completely immersive 360 experience through Virtual Reality.

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What’s Next for VR: 3 Big Trends on the Horizon

It is virtual reality’s time to shine! While the concept of VR has been around for years, it’s now the “next big thing” in the media and marketing world. Even with industry insiders screaming “FINALLY,” it’s no secret that VR has become a fast-growing space, especially as cameras have improved and viewership numbers increasing every single day.

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Virtual Reality: What’s Next?


I love creative technology and consider myself a futurist.

With the arrival of Ketchum VR, my mind has been captivated by the current and seemingly limitless future possibilities of VR.

In the communications world, we are at a new tipping point toward real innovation in how we engage with audiences. Thanks to virtual reality technology, we won’t only be producing innovative content, but we’ll also be designing fully immersive consumer experiences.

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Pokémon Go: Proof Consumers are Ready for Augmented Reality

Around the world, interest in the newly released Pokémon Go game has been so high that user stress periodically stopped the game from working properly. The number of daily active users is already set to eclipse that of Twitter and the internet cannot stop talking about it. So, what does this show us as communications professionals: That there is great success to be had if brands can create immersive experiences using Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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Virtual Reality: Five Insights for Communications Professionals

David Gallagher, Ketchum Senior Partner, CEO, Europe

When Facebook recently rolled out 360-degree video capabilities on the platform, it was a reminder that Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are set to be in consumer hands in 2016. This industry has been forecasted by Digi-Capital to surpass $30 billion in revenue by 2020. So, how can/will the communications profession embrace and inevitably utilize this technology?

Here are five insights that I have gleaned through research and attending a number of talks by key players in this exciting new industry.

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