It’s Time to Close the Gap Between What Leaders Say and What They Do

The Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum has begun and this year there is an extraordinarily timely theme: responsive and responsible leadership.

Amid the growing discontent of the world’s citizens with corporate and government leaders, we are on the verge of a transformation with respect to who leaders are and how they lead. For leaders, there is also the question of how to be effective while ensuring they are heard.

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Demystifying Davos: A Purpose-Driven Mindset

This week, top global leaders from business, government and civil society are gathering in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. Together, they will examine our world’s most pressing challenges, and chart a path forward for collective action. They will meet and debate these issues under the timely theme of Responsive and Responsible Leadership.

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What All Public Relations Professionals Can Learn From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Catalyst. Advocate. Devoted. Courageous. An Inspired Leader.

These are just a few of the ways we describe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as we reflect on what he means to us. As young people of color in PR, we recognize that Dr. King’s work laid the foundation for us to continue shaping the future – by being purposeful in our message and empowering our professionals, clients and the larger industry to be more inclusive.

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Why WEF Matters: Four Perspectives

The kickoff to the fabled World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, takes place on Tuesday, and we are once again gearing up for a full week of important discussions on the biggest business, political, environmental and societal issues impacting the world today. I like to call it the “Davos marathon,” as it really is a nonstop week of inspiring conversation, interaction and education.

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Being Creative When It Counts

This is not a blog post about being creative at a moment’s notice. You won’t find tips about how to deliver the BIG idea the second you’re asked for it, or research touting the amazing effects of coloring on creativity. I won’t tell you about how I, Kelly Kenny, blast instrumental pop covers when I need to deliver kick-ass creative thinking (which totally works by the way). This is a blog post about being creative when the challenge in front of you is so incredibly personal, it feels like everything is on the line.

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Serving up Food, Visually

Smart food marketers have always known we eat with our eyes first. And nothing sabotages food marketing more than bad photography or low-quality video. Food shot poorly can flat-out ruin your appetite.

I’ve always been particularly proud of the visual work Ketchum does in food. The food we have photographed and filmed in our Food Studio in San Francisco is pure art. With only the sense of sight triggered, this work makes your mouth water and your stomach rumble. The power of suggestion is set. Maybe I should order that Flat Iron. Maybe I should try that recipe.

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Esports: Trends to Watch in 2017

2016 was a banner year for sports, but in particular, for esports. The industry turned in some staggering numbers in terms of audiences, revenue and major growth – approaching almost $500 million in industry revenue.

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10 Digital and Social Insights for the Year Ahead

It’s that time of year when we reflect on the past 12 months and look ahead.

At the end of last year we published Trends 17. It’s a view of the year ahead from subject matter experts and our Mindfire network of entrepreneurial students.

I’ve dug deeper into digital and social media, and asked colleagues from around the world what we can expect in 2017.

There’s a mix of research, influencers, storytelling, paid media, new forms of media and disruptive workflow…

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7 Lessons Learned from Taking a Photo a Day for 366 Days

My Instagram #2016BestNine (click any image to enlarge).

A few years ago a photographer friend of mine told me about something called the 365 photo challenge. She explained it quite simply. You take a photo a day for 365 days and post the photo on the same day you took it. At the time I remember being intrigued, and thinking it sounded both exciting and daunting. I mentally filed it away not really considering whether it was something I would ever do.

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Checkmate: Five Parallels Between Chess and PR

Over the holidays, I tend to think about chess more than any other time of year. The nostalgia of playing (and losing to) my father, or watching my grandfather and uncle joust over steaming cups of Bustello as a child.

This year, I decided to teach my six-year-old how to play… sort of. He recently found me toiling on Magnus Carlsen’s Play Magnus app (recommend), an app where you can play a virtual version of the current world champion in a game of chess. The cool thing is that you get to select his age and play him at his skill level during that time. It was an especially proud moment for me personally when I bested Magnus at age eight-and-a-half. (I never said I was very good).

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