The 4 Biggest Challenges Brands Face on Snapchat: Conquered

With 100 million users and 400 million snaps a day, it’s no wonder brands are turning to Snapchat to connect with consumers. The social networking platform allows brands to connect and interact with an audience in real-time by posting engaging content. However, with these perks come even greater obstacles.

Below are, in my opinion, the four biggest challenges that brands face with Snapchat:

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Can You Hear Me Now? The Digital Age & the End of the Voice Call

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend: a decline in share of voice. No, not that share of voice… I’m talking about the familiarity, trust and nuance gained by connecting via the spoken word. It seems that, in this increasingly digital landscape, the phone call has all but disappeared. The aversion is so great that I’ve even begun to notice colleagues commenting on how the lack of a “human touch” is leading to less intimacy in their professional relationships.

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Tech + Healthcare: If You Build It, Cyber Threats Will Come

health + tech

Picture this: Your medical record and financial information was stolen at your local hospital following a simple procedure. Now you’re unexpectedly receiving bills for prescriptions you were never prescribed and procedures you never had. While network hijacks, hacks and data breaches have been the norm for retail and financial institutions, medical records are becoming an even more lucrative target for cyber-criminals than your credit card or social security numbers.

Recent cyber attacks are making headlines and damaging reputations, particularly within the healthcare space. For example, earlier this year a Los Angeles medical center had to pay $17,000 to recover its computer network, which was held for ransom by hackers. Media coverage was hard to shake, and rebuilding trust within the community will take considerable time.

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How Facebook at Work is Changing the Workplace

Facebook at WOrk

We recently rolled out Facebook at Work at Ketchum. The technology is easy; we’re familiar with it already as it mirrors Facebook. Driving adoption, on the other hand, is the far more exciting and challenging piece.

I’m not going to tell you Facebook at Work is a silver bullet for internal communication, but it is proving to be an incredibly effective collaboration tool (click to tweet).

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Our View From Inside the Olympic Games Bubble

Even though this is my 13th Olympic Games, each experience is unique. I’m proud to be here with a record number of Ketchum colleagues on-site from 10 cities around the world (and our partners at MMC) to staff six different client programs.

We’re managing everything from press events to athlete services. We’re in the Olympic Village, we’re in the sponsor parks, we’re in the main media centers. While you’re seeing beautiful coverage in your home countries around the world, here is what the view inside the bubble looks like from an insider’s point of view! (click to tweet).

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Four Tech Trends to Watch in Sports

Sports fandom attached itself to me in my youth, and its power over me today is stronger than ever. As a child, I listened to radio broadcasts of my favorite team on a portable Walkman, and today, I listen to that same broadcast on a mobile app from 3,000 miles away. In the 1980s, I would wait for the local paper to arrive so I could check basic stats and track day-old news nestled within a few pages of newsprint. Today, I have access to unlimited possibilities for analysis and perspectives online.

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The Future of Storytelling is Virtual

Imagine sitting in the front row at one of the highest-rated basketball games of all time: Game 7 of the 2016 NBA finals. Over 30 million people tuned in to watch the Cavaliers’ historic win over the Golden State Warriors in Oracle Arena.

Now, imagine being completely immersed in a front-row experience from the comfort of your own couch…

Looking around the arena, following the players up and down the court as if you were there in person, live, hearing everything around you, and experiencing a historic Game 7 as a completely immersive 360 experience through Virtual Reality.

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What’s New on the Paid Media Horizon

The media landscape is constantly changing, shifting and evolving. Staying abreast of these changes, and the opportunities they present to help brands grow their business, should always be top of mind for marketers. Below are seven important and recent paid media announcements and product updates, and their impact on the paid media landscape:

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ColorComm Conference 2016: Speak up. Follow up. Stand up.

We were standing in a row—a female attendee, myself (a man) and the A/V guy who was working the sound in the room. “Look at their feet,” said Linda Clemons, renowned body language expert. “Feet don’t lie!”

I stood there, in my usual stance, staring down at the space between my outwardly-pointing dress shoes and those of my female counterpart, whose heels were parallel and much closer together.

“You see, men walk into a boardroom and they take up real estate and own it. Women need to do the same,” Linda continued, giving me a quick look before turning and nudging the female to my left. “Otherwise, we will continue to be able to be pushed over.”

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