Looking for a Job? Top 10 Tips from a Seasoned Recruiter

Whether you’re new to the job market or a seasoned professional exploring a change-in-scenery, looking for a job can be daunting.  The collection of tips below may seem basic, however as a recruiter I see missteps in these areas every day. Before you apply to a job, read these tips! They just might help you land your next dream job.

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Periscope Up: 15 Tips to Mastering the Platform

Content publishers and brands are broadcasting real-time video and gaining large audiences using Periscope, Twitter’s new live-streaming video publication tool. As communicators, it’s essential that we know how to use platforms like Periscope (and Meerkat) to good effect, both for the brands we represent and our own learning and development.

The use of emerging platforms should always be a component of a healthy integrated marketing mix, (click to tweet) and Periscope can be a great tool for generating awareness and engagement for a host of marketing activities. Your audience wants to be part of your brand activities but, more often than not, can’t be there in person to do so.

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Man lives in IKEA

By allowing a comedian full access to everything inside an IKEA store to film a series of videos, Ketchum helped engage millions of consumers on the IKEA website, and ultimately drove store sales.

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The Taxing Effects of Women’s Increased Earning Power

It’s April 15 and tax returns will undoubtedly reflect what our recent Breadwinner PheMOMenon research revealed … that nearly half of all U.S. women (49 percent) are now the primary breadwinner or are on par financially with their significant other, a trend that is progressing more quickly than even recent major studies predicted.

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The Evolution of Mentoring in the Digital Age

It’s no secret that social media has transformed the way we live and communicate, but little is told about how the digital age has impacted mentoring. 2006 was a pivotal year for social media: On March 8, LinkedIn reported rapid adoption of their premium service, the first tweet was published on March 21, and Facebook opened its registration beyond college campuses on September 26. I would argue that these three watershed moments also had a huge impact on how we approach mentoring.

That same year, I first served as Dietitians in Business and Communications (DBC) Mentor Chair. I kept a spreadsheet of members who requested to be paired with a more seasoned registered dietitian and tracked a separate tab of members who agreed to serve as mentors. I then matched members based on their reported interests and made introductions by email. Just 9 years later, this 2006 mentoring relationship model seems a bit antiquated.

So, how exactly has mentoring evolved in the digital age? Below are five observations:

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21 Things that Happened on the Social Web in the Last 90 Days

As media fragments, brands are finding new ways to engage with the public via paid, earned, shared and owned channels. All forms of media are innovating and attempting to figure out how to balance the tension between generating income and providing a valuable proposition to both audiences and brands. As a result, there has never been a more exciting time to work in our business.

In my new role as chief engagement office at Ketchum, I lead an internal community of digital practitioners called the Engagement Network. The network is comprised of strategists and trend-spotters who curate and share content to help us better serve our clients.

Here are 21 platform updates and news items spotted by our community over the last 90 days, each of which can have a unique impact on brands and how they communicate within the marketplace (click to tweet).

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Is 50 Finally the New Black?

Just as I was feeling uncomfortably invisible, several fashion houses in Europe cheered me up by featuring older women in their ads earlier this year. French fashion giant Céline made a splash by casting my literary idol, 80-year-old Joan Didion, as the “respect-worthy” face of its brand, followed by an Yves Saint Laurent campaign featuring one of the great singer-songwriters of my adolescence, Joni Mitchell (who we all hope gets well soon). And, Selfridges launched a unique campaign called “Bright Old Things,” celebrating what it calls the “retirement renaissance.”

In America, older faces remain scarce, other than in sexual dysfunction, vitamin, and insurance marketing, though famous jewelry designer Alex Bittar did recently pair Millennial blogger/actress Tavi Gevinson with 93-year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel in a glimmer of what I believe is a hopeful trend in ageless marketing.

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Four Powerful Impressions from the Dubai Lynx

Like a mirage, the capital of the emirate of the same name emerges from the surrounding desert: Dubai. It is known as the “city of superlatives”, this artificially created metropolis on the shores of the Persian Gulf. It is home to the world’s tallest building, the world’s biggest shopping center, and the world’s largest artificial island just off the city’s coastline.

Dubai, a city that never sleeps, is forever chasing new records. Not the kind of place for anyone wanting to spend a few days in quiet surroundings.

And thus my expectations for the “Dubai Lynx” International Festival of Creativity were complex, to say the least. I was attending the event as one of the jurors for the PR category. A range of questions kept crossing my mind in the run-up to the Festival: What will the quality of the work be like? To what extent are the creative concepts colored by cultural viewpoints? What form does PR take in the Middle East and North Africa? Are the projects as extravagant as the city of Dubai would suggest?

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The Lunchtime Experiment

Research has shown that two-thirds of office workers eat lunch at their desks. I know I’ve been guilty of that, thinking that I’m more productive when I work on those PowerPoint slides while simultaneously finishing off my turkey sandwich. However, there’s an abundance of research to support the benefits of stepping away from our monitors for our midday meals.

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Men Must Lend Their Voice to Gender Disparity Debate

As seen in PRWeek…

How can governments, companies, and individual leaders shatter the glass ceiling and pave a better path for gender equality? As Vincent Molinari, CEO Gate Global Impact, put it, “The channels need to be created and trails need to be blazed.”

His comment was part of a discussion at the United Nations on a topic that’s very important to me: conversations with men about helping women reach leadership positions. The event was hosted at the United Nations by Impact Leadership 21, an organization committed to transforming women’s global leadership at the highest level of influence.

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Why You Need to be Mobile Friendly

61% of Americans search by using their smartphone.

If that wasn’t a compelling enough call to action, on April 21, Google is changing its mobile algorithm and, by doing so, removing pages from mobile search that are not mobile friendly.

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