Ad Week XII: Get Them to Look Up

Advertising Week XII offered myriad insights from an array of disciplines, including a panel on branded content featuring filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, our own Ben Foster, SVP, Ketchum Digital, Marcus Peterzell, EVP, Entertainment from Ketchum Sports & Entertainment, and yours truly.

After attending a number of the panels, my biggest takeaway was a general observation about making public-facing presentations. Looking across the audience, it was clear that people were often disengaged, perhaps because many participants spoke in generalities mixed with a lot of de rigueur buzzwords. (If I had a dollar for every time I heard “scale matters” or “Frankenmetrics.”) The moments that enticed people to look up from their phones happened when speakers used a specific illustration or told a personal story that illuminated the point—a good reminder to buttress statements with interesting facts or stories that are memorable and impactful.

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Networking: How I Became a “Hunter”

Someone recently asked me, “How can I become a stronger networker and turn relationships into business?” I thought about the question for a while before answering. What have I gained from the multitude of events and professional mixers I have attended through the years? It was not always easy for me to network, how did it become so natural?

The answer? Networking is work and a skill that takes practice. And it’s not unlike working out.

I had weak abs before I decided to focus on them. Now I can do 200 sit ups. It was hard at first, but I kept at it. Networking is no different. You have to keep working that muscle. Keep walking into that room full of people you don’t know, tamp down that anxiety. Start small. Make milestones. “I will meet five new people today.” Then 7, then 10.

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Man lives in IKEA

By allowing a comedian full access to everything inside an IKEA store to film a series of videos, Ketchum helped engage millions of consumers on the IKEA website, and ultimately drove store sales.

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Three Tips For Discovering a Brand’s DNA Through Storytelling

As public relations professionals, we often throw around the word “storytelling.” I have to admit, the word didn’t resonate with me at first; it felt lofty and unattainable. After all, as a media relations specialist, I’m often asked to pitch product launches and campaigns that have a hard start and end date so, in my mind, that left little room for storytelling.

Well, I’m changing my tune… and here’s why.

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The Future of Natural Foods May Have Us Eating Crickets, Not Just Hearing Them.

A few Ketchum colleagues and I recently attended the 2015 Natural Products Expo East conference in Baltimore, Maryland. We saw firsthand that there is growing interest in naturals products, and how the once niche industry is evolving and growing. From companies that are just establishing their roots, to some of the biggest names in the space – including well-known food brands that are introducing organic lines for the first time – the conference was attended by a diverse group this year, all with messages about food.

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Think About Your Work Environment and Optimize Your Productivity

Would you ever cook breakfast in the shower? Probably not. Making breakfast is an activity that typically takes place in a very specific environment – the kitchen. We plan our non-work activities to take place in particular spaces; so why not do the same for our tasks at work.

As an organizational psychologist, I focus on human behavior in the workplace. There are ample studies about the best time of day to perform certain tasks – the best time to send an email, hold a conference call, make a big decision, etc. To complement that school of thought, I believe there are also ways to be more productive by tackling the right tasks in the right environments.

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Sustainability & The Private Sector: A New Framework for Brands

Last week, the United Nations codified the Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs), building on the success of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that launched in 2000 as a way to provide developing countries a framework to address social and environmental challenges around poverty, hunger, education, water and other fundamental human needs. The SDGs set a more holistic framework for addressing societal needs in clear and measurable ways, and include developed countries in addition to developing. And there is an opportunity for the private enterprise to help meet these goals.

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3 Tips to Connect Your Global Organization (Video)

Global organizations service clients throughout the world with diverse and talented teams and create revenue through a variety of streams. But large, cross-border talent pools require stepped-up communication and connectivity in order to work seamlessly and drive success. How can leaders think beyond the four walls of a local office and capitalize on the clear benefit of having a globally integrated team?

Here are some modern tips to ensure your global company stays connected…

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Tweeting Right To The Top

Social media does indeed provide platforms to connect with basically anyone. We’ve all heard the success stories about people being socially proactive and having their voices heard by those they would have never have imagined reaching. Why not you?

With more C-Suite executives than ever joining social media and expanding their existing footprint, and a trend toward more direct engagement from industry leaders and brands, now is the right time to follow and reach out to your “dream boss.” Think of all the politicians and celebrities that respond to fans, consumer brands that alter products based on Twitter feedback, the news sources that break live stories with pedestrian-shot socially-sourced photos, etc. A simple tweet or direct message can be the perfect way to connect with someone who would otherwise be out of reach.

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What do clouds & digital integration have in common?

As a digital strategist I know my fair share about digital integration within agencies. Living in London, I also know quite a bit about the rain – stay with me here.

Rain can be a nuisance, but it’s that same rain that helps flowers, plants and crops grow big and strong.

If you want a strong digital business offering to take to market, one that takes into account the integration of new teams and team members, as well as a sound approach for managing any change management issues that may arise – you need to make it rain. And what does any digital rainmaker need to feed his crops? A C.L.O.U.D. of course.

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Fashion Week for All Women?

New York Fashion Week (#NYFW) news seems to be permeating from almost every media outlet right now, ranging from the New York Times and the Huffington Post to the more traditional fashion and beauty media like Refinery 29, Pop Sugar and Eva Chen’s Instagram account. Walking on the streets of New York, you can experience NYFW in full swing–the clothes, the paparazzi, the almost-impossible-to-actually-walk-in shoes and no available appointments at the Dry Bar. 

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