Cannes: A Visual Recap

This year at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, we were fortunate to have not one, but two top-tier illustrators on hand as part of the Ketchum delegation. Our post’s featured artist, Yasmine Cordes, is a director of business development based in our Berlin, Germany office. Yasmine won the opportunity to represent Ketchum at Cannes with her pitch to visually depict the festival through an artist’s eyes. The other visual artist in our delegation was none other than our Global CEO, Rob Flaherty. Aside from her daily sketches, Yasmine had the pleasure of partnering with Rob to create some wonderful illustrations based on takeaways from the festival. Below are a few highlights of Yasmine and Rob’s graphic recording work during Cannes. Click any image below to enlarge.

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Divergent Perspectives from Cannes: The Creative and the Planner

Here’s to the Losers
By James Kelly

Here’s to those who didn’t win this week. To those whose toil in the service of the sale went unnoticed. For Cannes is about winners and winning, and there is little sparkle for the second best. So as I write this, I wonder what happened to marketing as the art of selling as opposed to the art of social protest.

This week’s celebration of the world’s most imaginative marketeers has been another dazzling array of how we can move the needle in the world and drive change when some of the best minds in the business are put to work. However, as I reviewed the campaigns this week, I was struck by how seemingly formulaic it has become. Choose a cultural cause, social issue or sensitive topic and rage against the machine. A recipe, empirically year on year, for success. A model that delivers for gold trophies and building equity. The issue is whether it can sell units.

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National Iced Tea Day

National Iced Tea Day

We matched Snapple’s quirky and accessible brand to hungry social consumers through National Iced Tea Day, complete with bi-coastal celebrity Whitney Port as spokesperson and a free lunch giveaway from top New York City food trucks. The celebration engaged 1,000 fans, reached more than four million consumers through social media and bolstered sales in Q2 2011 by 8%.

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Divergent Perspectives from Cannes: The Judge and the Past Winner

Oh, To Be Young Again: What I Learned From the Young Marketers
By Barri Rafferty

A friend called Cannes Lions an octopus, and maybe she was right. It has tentacles that reach across networks, provide inspiration, bestow awards, provide opportunities to entertain clients, urge you to learn as much as you can, help you cut deals, and dazzle you with content on and off the stages. I’m sure I’ve also missed a few.

The young professionals who come here focus on learning and being inspired creatively. I watch them plan their days at the Palais and dig into the work while I flit from meeting to meeting, hoping to catch a few talks each day. After some of the sessions, I listen to the young pros and wish that I could recapture the special enthusiasm that comes with being at the beginning of your career.

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Divergent Perspectives from Cannes: The Boomer and the Millennial

Peers, Not Parents
By Karen Strauss

“You don’t want to sound like their parents,” I was cautioned in preparing for my Cannes Lions panel on connecting with consumers aged 50 and above. A father of adult millennial children, my rehearsal coach wanted me to avoid alienating the young-ish marketing crowd. Oh, the irony.

Age is a sensitive and recurrent theme in Cannes, as in life. In describing the enormous, often missed opportunity of appealing to the one in three Americans who spend half of all CPG dollars in America, the last thing I wanted was to risk scaring an audience full of young creatives.

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Divergent Perspectives from Cannes: The Female and the Male

A Cinderella Story
By Ruth Yearley

I recently attended the 3% Conference in London, where, over a powerful video of women making a difference, played Helen Reddy’s anthem, “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar.”

So I was excited to attend the Cannes Lions in all their roaring glory. I was particularly interested in the newest prize, the Glass Lion, which will be awarded for work that addresses gender equality. The lion symbolizing fearlessness and power…. but the glass? This connoted for me fragility and transparency, and made me think of Cinderella’s slipper. So with that in mind, I was fascinated to view the Festival through a female lens.

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Divergent Perspectives from Cannes: The Agency and the Client

It’s a Business Deal, Not a Date
By Jeffery Moran, Pernod Ricard

All too often, clients take it too personally. Securing and engaging talent isn’t dating, and it’s certainly not personal. It’s a business deal and needs to be planned for.

Parting with any significant amount of money can cause anxiety. Especially when engaging talent and opening up your brand to someone else who will then take part in furthering your efforts. Will consumers appreciate the connection? Will the talent make good on all points? Is this a sustainable relationship? Can I trust that this deal is being managed properly?

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Divergent Perspectives from Cannes: First Impressions on Diversity

Cannes: A Diversity Snapshot
By Torre Gentile

My first day of the Cannes Festival of Creativity was overwhelming in every sense of the word! After a hectic trip from Nice to Cannes, I spent a good portion of my afternoon finding calm and soaking up all the vastly diverse work being presented at the Palais.

When looking at the entries through the lens of diversity and inclusion, there are certain themes that one comes to expect brands to activate around. I came in knowing I would find important work that empowers women, bridges generations, provides a platform for LGBT pride, celebrates African-American and Hispanic cultures and, more generally speaking, includes a vast range of cultural and ethnic representation.

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Divergent Perspectives on Cannes: The Newbie and the Veteran

Cannes Newbie’s #1 Concern: The Fashions
By Michael Maldonado

Zut alors!! I “Cannes” NOT believe I’ll be heading to Cannes in a matter of days. I’ve known about this trip for months, after winning a contest at Ketchum to earn my trip, I and somehow feel like I’m totally unprepared for how incredible the experience will be.

While I am a Cannes “newbie,” this is not my first rodeo. I’ve gotten my share of passport stamps (including France), took a semester of French about a decade ago and went on a date recently with a French guy who took me to the closest thing Dallas has to a French bistro.

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What the 2015 Cannes Sessions Say About Marketing Today

Our analysis of more than 150 of the sessions at next week’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity reveals a lot about where marketing is today, and where it’s going tomorrow (click to tweet). The schedule tells us what marketers and agency leaders are excited about, what they’re worried about and what’s new.

The sessions, which span a full week, were grouped by us into seven categories that began to coalesce naturally: Creativity & Fine Art, Entertainment & Marketing, Social Media & Social Activism, Technology & Disruption, Content & Storytelling, Demographics & Segments and Leadership & Top Talent.

The rise of social technologies and social activism, as well as the role of human insights to drive ideas and achieve relevance with diverse audiences, shines through the schedule.

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The Cardinal Way

Full Disclosure – I am a lifelong, bleed-Cardinal-red, first-game-in-1970-as-a-three-month-old, birds-on-the-bat-loving St. Louis Cardinals fan. Stan the Man, Bob Gibson, Ted Simmons, Willie McGee, Bruce Sutter, the Wizard, Jack Buck and Mike Shannon – the list is a mile long. These are my baseball heroes, year-in and year-out. Either that makes me exactly the wrong crisis counselor for them or exactly the right one to advise on yesterday’s shocking news from the Gateway City:  St. Louis Cardinals Investigated by F.B.I. for Hacking Astros.

My first reaction – huh, you can’t be serious? Second reaction – why would the Cardinals need to do this? Corporate espionage from the team that wins the right way, through hard work, commitment and loyalty? Third reaction – the sinking feeling that maybe all is not well in Baseball Heaven. And now? Hope. Hope that an organization that is much more than a sports franchise to the city of St. Louis, the Midwest, and to devoted fans around the world, can live up to its lofty reputation and address this crisis the right way. The Cardinal Way.

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