What’s Next for VR: 3 Big Trends on the Horizon

It is virtual reality’s time to shine! While the concept of VR has been around for years, it’s now the “next big thing” in the media and marketing world. Even with industry insiders screaming “FINALLY,” it’s no secret that VR has become a fast-growing space, especially as cameras have improved and viewership numbers increasing every single day.

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5 Secrets to Public Speaking for PR Professionals

Most people in public relations recall where they were, and what DEFCON phase of mental anguish they were in, when called upon for their first new business pitch.

You’re exposed in front of the client. You’re vulnerable in front of the team. And you don’t have your Linus security blanket to conceal you from darts, in case you experience short-term memory loss.

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Pokémon GO for Retailers: Turning Gamers into Customers

Throughout the last week, there have been so many questions about how brands can best capitalize on Pokémon GO, especially within retail locations that are seeing a sudden influx of gamers. Most want to know how to best engage these newfound visitors and create positive buzz (and potentially drive new business).

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How Will the Internet of Things Impact Digital PR?

I recently had the opportunity to attend NYC Media Lab’s IoT Media Mash. The goal was to immerse myself in the ecosystem of connected devices (known as the Internet of Things—or IoT) and bring back learnings on how my Digital colleagues could better prepare for the advent of smart campaigns on numerous platforms.

After a half-day of panels, informal chats and product demonstrations, I left the venue inspired and thinking through ways brands could use this burgeoning form of tech both digitally and physically.

Here are four of the top IoT trends and insights to look out for over the next five years, and their potential impact on digital PR (click to tweet):

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Combating Our Fear of the Unknown

Sharon Jones (far right), taking part in PRSSA Diversity in Public Relations panel discussion.

The other day I was out grocery shopping and a small but significant encounter gave me pause to reflect. As I approached the doors to my local supermarket, I noticed three young black men talking to each other while standing on either side of the entrance. I also noticed walking just ahead of me a Caucasian woman with her young daughter. Rather than walk between the young men to go through the entrance, they entered through the exit door.

I, on the other hand, walked between the young men without a second thought. As a woman of color – my father is a black man, I married a black man and I raised a black son – I had no hesitation walking between the men outside the store. It made me wonder, could unconscious bias be at play here?

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Virtual Reality: What’s Next?

I love creative technology and consider myself a futurist.

With the arrival of Ketchum VR, my mind has been captivated by the current and seemingly limitless future possibilities of VR.

In the communications world, we are at a new tipping point toward real innovation in how we engage with audiences. Thanks to virtual reality technology, we won’t only be producing innovative content, but we’ll also be designing fully immersive consumer experiences.

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Pokémon Go: Proof Consumers are Ready for Augmented Reality

Around the world, interest in the newly released Pokémon Go game has been so high that user stress periodically stopped the game from working properly. The number of daily active users is already set to eclipse that of Twitter and the internet cannot stop talking about it. So, what does this show us as communications professionals: That there is great success to be had if brands can create immersive experiences using Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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AMEC Measurement Recap: It Doesn’t Count Unless You Can Count It

The 2016 AMEC International Summit, the industry’s largest measurement event, took place in London recently, and I had the pleasure of attending along with my Ketchum colleagues, clients and measurement peers. Since the conference began in Berlin, it has continued to grow, attracting some of the top minds and companies in our industry today. It was my first time in London, and I was immediately charmed by the people (and the tea). And although I didn’t find Hogwarts, I did walk away with many new peers and a curiosity of what is next for our growing, but perhaps challenged, industry.

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Communicating in a Post-Brexit World

The UK’s extraordinary decision to leave the European Union has given rise to a period of substantially increased uncertainty in financial markets, geo-politics, investment, talent and perhaps even personal identity – as so many of us wonder what sort of place the UK and Europe is set to become.

The key dynamics behind the UK’s historic vote are explored in detail by our Chief Executive Officer, Rob Flaherty. Looking towards the future, perhaps the only thing we can truly be certain of, in this post-Brexit world, is further considerable uncertainty for some time to come.

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#FOMO No More: 6 Things I Learned While (Not Actually Being) At Cannes

In another life, I’d be writing this fresh off a flight from the beaches of the French Riviera. It’s those same beaches I have yet to plant my feet on that serve as the backdrop of the annual nexus of communicators and innovation known as the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Although Cannes has alluded me this year, the fantastic insights that make all of us better professionals did not. Here are some basic, and more peripheral, Cannes learnings that resonated with me as a young PR professional…

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