Don’t Let Storytelling Become a Fantasy

Over the last few years, storytelling has become one of the most frequently used buzzwords in PR.  The accepted wisdom now seems to be that, the future of communications lies in storytelling – and PR owns that expertise.

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Invisible No More – The Power of 50+ WonderLust


“A woman her age is supposed to be invisible. But Hillary Clinton, who is 68, refuses to disappear — and there is no shortage of people who despise her for it,” writes Petula Dvorak, as she reflects on society’s pervasive and persistent views on older women in her Washington Post column. When I shared this account of blatant ageism with enlightened people, including those in my field of marketing communications, most responded in disbelief. “I had no idea we make older people feel so invisible,” said one accomplished former CMO.

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Advertising Week Recap: What Influencers Can Teach Marketers About Learning

I recently had the pleasure of moderating my third panel at Advertising Week in New York exploring the next generation of brands and content within the ever evolving entertainment landscape. I was joined by three transformative stars: Hollywood icon Meg Ryan, Hollywood director/Grammy Award winning writer Robert Gordon and social media phenom/budding actor Logan Paul.

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(Video) TEDx: It’s Never Too Late to Declare a Minor

A few months ago I was given an opportunity that many only dream of – joining the ranks of the scientists, philosophers, professors and business executives who have stood on stage to give a famed “TED Talk.” Many have asked me how it happened, so here is the simple story.

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Gamers Wanted: Launching an Evolution in Recruitment

I was fortunate enough to recently attend PR Council’s Diversity Distinction in PR awards ceremony, along with Ketchum SVP/Diversity & Inclusion Director Sharon Jones. LaunchPad, Ketchum’s gamified summer fellowship application program, received an Honorary Mention award for Best New Diversity Initiative. For those not familiar with these awards, they are sponsored by the PR Council in partnership with PR Week and honor excellence in promoting ethnic diversity within the PR sector.

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Workplace by Facebook: The Internal Communications Game Changer

Technology has the potential to deliver huge communication and productivity benefits within an organisation but it won’t change how we work. That takes people.

The intersection of internal communication and social media within an organisation is a good place to study human behaviour. The return on investment of borderless communication, collaboration and improved productivity are well established, but organizations often struggle with the employee adoption needed to capitalize on this investment.

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Building Bridges with Perspective, Compassion and Humor

Melissa Fleming and Rob Flaherty

The author Terry Pratchett wrote last year, “Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors.”

Two weeks ago, about 150 Page members traveled to London for our 33rd Annual Conference to see their own world through different eyes and brighter colors.

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In the War on Cancer, We All Play a Role in Scaling Progress

Ketchum recently supported The Economist Events team as the PR agency for their second annual War on Cancer Forum: Scaling Progress. The event brought together patient advocates and cross-sector experts from technology, finance, analytics, policy, medicine and more for a full day of brainstorming, dialogue and debate.

As a health communicator, sitting in a room with leaders from such diverse backgrounds served as a critical reminder on the counsel we need to provide: When we advise on strategy and craft communications campaigns, we need to advocate for and put into practice more integrated, cross-sector approaches to PR. This is especially crucial in healthcare.

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The Challenge of Leading Leaders

Leadership coach Ken Jacobs recently sat down with Ketchum Chairman and CEO Rob Flaherty to discuss the challenge of leading leaders and leading across multinational offices.

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Ketchum Influencer: A more evolved global approach to influencer relations

As companies everywhere embrace influencer relations, many face the same question – how do you combine the art of co-creating brand storytelling with the science of delivering hard data to select influencers and measure real business results?

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