Thin Hair Ribbons of Honor: A Dare For Creative Minds

Last November, I sported a moustache for the first time ever. I’ll do so again this year. Not because it suits me (it does not), but because it’s a remarkably simple way to start a conversation about a topic that seems altogether neglected: men’s health.

Men are notoriously reticent when it comes to their health, and generally less likely to take steps necessary to reduce their risks. This is literally killing us.

Sprouting a ‘mo to get people talking is the ingeniously simple idea of Movember, the largest global men’s health charity, with active campaigns in 21 countries around the world, and now proudly a client in the UK, Germany and Switzerland (a distinction we share with a small number of other agencies in various markets).

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Absolut Stoop Life Movement

By mobilizing bloggers to post stories about life in Brooklyn, Ketchum ignited a grassroots campaign that gave ABSOLUT BROOKLYN, a city-inspired flavored vodka, the authentic street credibility to drive awareness and purchase intent significantly.

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3 Easy Steps to Welcome a New Team Member

It’s a simple question but one that can present a profound stumbling block for almost any manager: How can you quickly, easily and efficiently integrate a new team member? While some organizations have a dedicated immersion program ranging from lengthy corporate culture orientations to a set of guideline documents, it is still up to a manager to really immerse a new employee into the team, the business and the firm. My hope is that the following quick and easy steps can help you get the most out of your first conversations with a new team member …

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Sustainability: How to Tell Your Story

Sustainability reporting has become the go-to method for organizations looking to provide insight and data on environmental and social enterprises. The question is how to take actions and good works and tell a cohesive story to showcase your efforts.

Over the last five years, the audience for these reports has broadened, the mandate for companies to report on their progress has increased, and a global standard for reporting has emerged, called GRI (Global Reporting Initiative). Yet, few have the capabilities to help facilitate this process from start to finish.

As someone who is certified in GRI reporting, I wanted to provide my top-five tips on how to get started when creating your sustainability report …

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I Am Woman, Hear Me Board

Is your name William, Robert or James? According to Gerri Elliot (Director, Whirlpool, Bed Bath & Beyond, Charlotte Russe) men with these three names hold more board positions in total than all women combined, but they were not invited to the Fortune Most Powerful Women’s Conference.

When you put 400 powerful women in the same place for two days, what happens? I labeled it the Triple “H” Threat – honesty, hugs and humanity. The sharing of best practices and lessons learned in business were honest and overt; women supported one another professionally and had conversations that blended easily from how I manage in the office to how I manage life at home.

Relationships born in one day ended with hugs at the elevator and the promise of paths crossing again.

I observed many women who had both confidence and swagger. Women confident enough to admit the pace of business change is challenging in one breath, and in the next show genuine concern for women’s rights worldwide.

Here are four key takeaways from the conference…

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Ketchum Leaders Take the Stage at the World PR Forum

Public relations leaders from around the world gathered in Madrid recently for the World PR Forum.

The conference of more than 800 practitioners was hosted by the Global Alliance in conjunction with Dircom, the Spanish professional public relations association.

Several Ketchum leaders spoke about the future of the profession, covering a wide range of topics in support of the event.

Here are some key takeaways from a few of our speakers …

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Judging Our Leaders Should Be Unbiased

As I was preparing to head to Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women Conference, I happened to read Maureen Dowd’s column entitled, “Too Many Secrets, Not Enough Service.” It reminded me that, as businesswomen, we have made progress on one hand and, on the other, we are still moving slowly.

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The Future of PR is African

For decades, PR as a profession and as a service industry has been largely an American, British or European concern, but all of this is changing, almost overnight. I’ll be in Delhi this week, and I’ll probably say that the future of PR looks Indian. And after that, Abu Dhabi, where the future of PR will look Arabic.

This comes partly from my need to be a pleaser. It also happens to be true.

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