Reputation by Permission | HealthCare: Earning Permission to Operate

Two of the largest healthcare trade associations in the United States recently launched advertising campaigns in an attempt to improve the industry’s reputation.

Popular opinion seems to hold that healthcare’s reputation is a bit tarnished. And yet this is happening at a time when the industry (the Pharma sector in particular) is delivering truly impressive new medicines that address some of the most serious illnesses of our time.

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How to Identify the Right Influencers: The 4S Filter

75% of communications professionals say identifying relevant influencers is their biggest influencer marketing challenge. For good reason: Identifying the most appropriate influencers at scale is a blend of PR skill, collective experience and technological acumen. To help enhance your influencer marketing efforts, I have created a “4S filter” to make the process of finding and choosing influencers a bit easier (click to tweet). This influencer identification filter breaks the process down into four core elements:

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Rediscover an Overlooked Hotbed of Creativity: The Library

I was a terrible employee at my first job – but for all the right reasons. I was 17, and my favorite place on earth was the public library. In retrospect, assigning me to shelve recently returned books deep in the stacks was like hiring the proverbial kid to watch the proverbial candy store – I knew better, but I just couldn’t stop consuming on the job.

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Earth Day 2016: The Importance of Tomorrow

Earth Day is upon us once again! Companies are celebrating by launching new and exciting campaigns; kids in school will honor this day by planting a tree, or beginning a new composting program; parents will teach their young ones why it’s so important to protect and conserve the Earth—an Earth that is often take for granted.

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10 Steps for Effectively Facilitating a Meeting

Time is precious. For marketers, workplace meetings have the potential to be great moments to brainstorm the next revolutionary idea, discover a new approach to idea generation that can change the industry, or create the next new employee program that makes your company an even more desirable place to work. On the other hand, if not planned well, meetings also have the potential to be a waste of time and participants can leave the room feeling uninspired and unproductive.

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Networks Are People

Applying industrialized marketing techniques to social media is flawed. Be human, please.

With more than two billion people using it worldwide, no one can deny the power of social media to reach consumers. It can reach them at scale, hitting millions of eyeballs in a matter of seconds.

It can reach them with surgical precision, targeting demographics, interests and geography to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Of course for a marketer, this changes everything.

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Facebook Live for Brands and Organizations

Facebook Live is the hottest new thing since the last hot thing, but how can brands use it to engage with their audiences?

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Tips to Keep Your Story Sharp in an Excessively Talkative World

Once upon a time, you might have known a small handful of people who were afflicted with the gift of gab. Perhaps it was Aunt Gloria who was famous for monopolizing holiday dinner conversation, your loquacious neighbor Kathy who verbally assaulted you as you lugged in the groceries, or Tony the dry cleaner who just couldn’t let you get away without sharing his life story.

The problem has multiplied. With 24-hour cable TV news, marathon political debates, a proliferation of pitchmen, and mobile phones in the hands of every pedestrian on Earth, the chatter is never-ending.

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Unlock Your Most Powerful Reputation Asset: Your Employees

Many refer to today’s corporate landscape as the “reputation economy,” with consumer decisions becoming increasingly dependent on online reviews and opinion leaders. We believe the same is happening within many corporations, where opinions are being formed not only by a combination of influencers, media, pundits and activists, but also through interactions with a brand’s most powerful reputation asset: its employees.

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Who Really Controls Your Reputation?

Many are referring to today’s consumer sector as the “reputation economy,” with purchasing decisions becoming almost solely dependent on online critiques and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) postings. But from our experience, the same is becoming more and more the case with corporations where opinions are being formed by a combination of online influencers, media coverage, pundits, activists and word of mouth. More than ever before, a company’s reputation is being controlled by its stakeholders.

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