Language Tips from a Well-Spoken Cat, Part II

My home is filled from top to bottom with books, which means that my cat Pappy has spent his entire life cuddling up amongst thousands and thousands of pages.

It turns out that all this language has rubbed off on him – not only has he somehow learned to talk, he’s developed outspoken opinions about writing and grammar – and he’s not afraid to share them (as you can see in this past Ketchum video).

Recently, he spoke about a topic that troubles even the most seasoned writers: the commonly confused differences between the words “lie” and “lay.”

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FedEx Panda Express Takes Flight

FedEx Panda Express Takes Flight

FedEx carefully shipped pandas from China to zoos in Edinburgh and Paris on the FedEx Panda Express. Generating an estimated audience of 2.9 billion viewers and over 2,850 media clips, Ketchum and FedEx leveraged the shipments to expand brand identity in a highly visible, consumer-friendly way.

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Why Supermarkets Are About to Feel Weirder

Social media conversations

When was the last time you went into a big supermarket and the cashier knew your name? Chances are, it just hasn’t happened, most likely because we expect anonymity when we’re shopping face-to-face.

However, that expectation changes when we’re online. Thanks to the marvelous, increasingly affordable amplifying devices we carry (otherwise known as smartphones), we expect brands and organizations to do much more than just know our name. We expect them to be social. Not just with ten, or even a hundred customers; rather, we expect them to be social with scale.

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IBM Spotlights Social and Digital Organizations

IBM Business Values

The narrative of public relations, marketing and sales professionals over the last five years has been a shift towards using new forms of media and devices to engage with customers and prospects in two-way relationships.

This is a move towards becoming a so-called “open business,” or social business, where customers and prospects are no longer viewed as external audiences, rather like staff and other stakeholders, who are embraced as integral parts of the organization.

These types of organizational changes are coming, but progress is slow.

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The Purpose Driven Organization: Moving from Talk to Walk

Purpose Driven Organization

There’s been a lot written about how wonderful it is when an organization is driven by a sense of purpose, the service of something greater than its stock price.

When this happens, it draws employees who want to bring that value to the world, and it connects with constituencies outside the organization who share similar values.

Until now, being driven by a sense of purpose had been more talk than walk. However, with the Internet connecting everybody and everything in real-time, it has become much more possible now.

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Should You Always be Looking for the “Perfect” Candidate?

Perfect Candidate

I’m sure many of you have read the recently published Op-Ed piece in the NY Times, The Employer’s Creed, by David Brooks. If you haven’t, you should. It’s a great read on a topic that I’m passionate about – hiring.

I’ve always known I was “powerful,” but hadn’t given a lot of thought to the fact that, according to Brooks, “I am helping to shape the future landscape of culture and the moral ecology of our era.” Yikes, that’s big.

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Five Ways To Get My Vote For Your Next Award

How to Win Awards

I’ve had the privilege of sitting on or chairing a number of PR awards panels over the years, and while each of them had their own idiosyncrasies, I think most ended up recognizing great work that reflects the power and impact of thoughtful, creative campaigns and programs.

That’s not because I was on the jury. It’s because the winning work received the greatest number of votes and jury panelists generally want similar things from entries: breakthrough ideas, informed by audience insight, creatively executed and measurable results.

It’s virtually impossible to capture all the votes (there are as many ways to interpret this criteria as there are entries), but there are a few things you can do to persuade jurors like me.

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