SCOTUS Decision to Legalize Sports Betting a Grand Slam for Brands

As someone who has worked in the sports business industry for almost 20 years, it is hard to resist hyperbole when explaining what the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to lift the 1992 federal ban on sports gambling in the U.S., and turning the discretion over to individual states, means.  Initial media coverage featured terms like “game changer,” “seismic,” “epic,” “landmark,” and “monumental,” and they are all accurate. 

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Unpacking the Facebook Newsfeed for Brands

It’s not possible to have a conversation about Facebook at the moment without acknowledging the ongoing data privacy and fake news issues. While under fierce scrutiny from the media and governments around the world, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced an update to Facebook in January to address the issue of fake news. Whatever your view, with more than two billion people on the platform worldwide, it remains a powerful form of media for organizations seeking to engage with the public.

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Are We Providing “Exquisite Answers to the Wrong Problems?”

Last year Harold Burson did an interview with Boston University Professor Don Wright in which he said that a critical fault in our field is that we provide “exquisite answers to the wrong problems.” 

Intrigued by this phrase, I emailed the 97-year-old founder of Burson-Marsteller and asked him what he meant. He explained in the video below that client teams are sent in to an organization, ask a set of questions and deliver an exquisite creative campaign that, ultimately, does not solve the business problem because the right questions were never asked. He said that there should be much more formal research at the beginning of the process to get a legitimate view of what the affected people really feel about the issue. This rings painfully true to me. 

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Facing a Closed Door? 3 Ways to Pick the Lock

After working on (the federal government’s former information portal for disability services) for nearly seven years, I knew my next role was meant to be in healthcare. I had spent years learning about the disability experience and wanted my career to be challenging, yet impactful. A family transition brought me to New York and I eagerly applied to every healthcare agency position I could find. The resounding response was closed doors. “You have great experience, but…”

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Are manners waning in the workplace?

Do we condone breakups by text, insulting strangers by tweet and even ignoring emails in an ongoing business relationship? I see common courtesy declining, in both our personal and professional lives.

Now granted, I grew up in the South where hand-written thank you notes were a must, and when you shook hands with someone you looked them in the eye. But what has taken the place of what I would simply call good manners? I believe it’s time to give the topic some consideration.  

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Powering Voices with AI

Introducing VOICE IT, Ketchum’s Voice Marketing Solution

Most people remember both the hype and excitement when they got their first smartphone around ten years ago. The advent of this new device brought about a brand-new tech revolution that excited marketers and consumers alike: mobile applications.

Mobile apps made it possible for marketers to bring a brand’s experience directly into consumers’ hands. Want to order lunch? Need a new mantra during your meditation? Looking to balance your finances? There’s an app for that… simply reach into your pocket or bag, enter your passcode, swipe to the app and open.

Voice marketing now makes it possible to have similar (we would argue, better!) experiences as mobile apps, but with way more ease and positive, everyday use.

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Influencer Marketing: Optimizing Targeting – Bots and Boosting

The pendulum on the perfect influencer marketing model is literally in full swing. It’s swinging from over-indexing on great influencer content to over-indexing on analytics as the end solution – back and forth.

This compels us to thoughtfully consider and analyze the right balance to achieve the optimum impact model. It’s informed by the RIGHT data, with the RIGHT influencers who create the BEST performing content. And, no surprise: the right model is customized for the initiative – and no one size fits all. Generally, our marketing clients index to the data and our communications clients towards the creative. Our job is to balance the two.

Consider these three Influencer hot-button issues we’re tackling today:

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From Responsibility to Advocacy: Finding the Right CSR Balance for Your Company

In the past eighteen months we’ve seen more and more companies taking stands on social issues: be it proactively making statements on hot-button issues around gender, gun control and equality; responding to consumer pressure to take products off the shelves; or using its advertising might to advocate for social change. Companies are quickly being forced to come to terms with the fact that today’s employees and consumers are demanding that their favorite brands stand for something more than their bottom line.

But not every company is ready to take a stance. There is a spectrum of where companies operate in this increasingly complex landscape of corporate social responsibility.

We see the spectrum as follows…

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The Environment Is Under Threat, but Not in the Way You Think

Nearly 50 years ago, the U.S. passed legislation to ensure the air we breathe and water we drink is clean, and that endangered animals and federal lands are protected. For 20 years, enforcement of these laws ranged from full swing or lapsed, depending on the political winds. And then something remarkable occurred: the American people took over and started a movement, spurring action to protect the environment.

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For Airlines, Real-Time Crisis Communications Becomes Even More Real

Ever since Virgin America became the first airline to offer on-board Wi-Fi in 2008, it didn’t take Nostradamus to predict that the day would come when an aviation emergency would be broadcast live in real-time by a passenger using this new online connectivity option. After all, from terrorist attacks to natural disasters, few major events now are complete without graphic images on social media, showing the experiences of people at the scene as they happen.

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