Thanksgiving is the Perfect Time to Lift Someone Up

A few years ago during a phone conversation with a work colleague, we started discussing another employee and found ourselves zeroing in on one aspect of their work that was less than satisfactory without giving energy to the many positive attributes and immense value the person brought to the organization.

Fortunately my colleague hit pause and offered a perspective that I’ve never forgotten. “We need to be careful not to create a narrative about this person that begins to define them.” We both immediately shifted the conversation and spent the remainder of the call discussing many of the positive attributes this colleague had and why and how they brought great value to the organization. I hung up feeling good about our conversation and the person we were speaking about.

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Disaster Relief and Holiday Giving: 5 Ways to Optimize Corporate and NGO Support

This has been a bad year for natural disasters. In fact, 2017 is tied with 2011 for the most billion-dollar disasters. [1] Without even counting Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, or the California fires, the U.S. has sustained 218-plus weather and climate disasters since 1980, totaling more than $1.2 trillion in recovery costs. When coupled with horrific events like what took place recently in Las Vegas, New York, Texas, and other cities, we should all be thankful for the many first responders, non-profit organizations, companies, and individuals who mobilized instantly – volunteering time and donating money – to help millions of people and communities respond, rebuild and restore livelihoods.

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The Power of Influence

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – The Talmud

It was with this quote that I began a fascinating discussion with neuroscientist, author and professor Tali Sharot. In this era of technology-fueled confirmation bias, particularly how the proliferation of alternative facts shape our decision-making process, I was interested in taking a deeper dive into the science behind our collective motives and actions. Specifically, how held beliefs, and the resistance to new ideas, are motivated by our need to reaffirm preexisting notions of the world and topics we’re most passionate about.

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A Brand’s Guide to Micro-Influencers

If you’ve read any trade publications, or have been in planning meetings recently, you’ve probably heard the term “micro-influencer” come up more than a few times. You might be thinking, “Is this a new type of influencer that I missed?” The answer is no. If you’ve run an influencer campaign in the last five years, you’ve likely already partnered with one. And over the last few years the term, and their relevance, has only risen in popularity.

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Swipe Right: Lessons on Marketing to Youth

What is it about youth that generates such obsession over it?

In marketing and communications, this answer is simple: buying power.

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Six Second or Six Hour Attention Span?

Are attention spans shortening more and more? Do we lack the ability to concentrate on something for more than a few seconds? While it’s not yet scientifically proven that humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish, the “humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish” headline was just too good to pass up, right? Anecdotal evidence would suggest that our attention spans have indeed diminished over the past decade. However, it depends on what medium and the context as to how attention spans are affected.

To dive in and examine attention spans, we can look at video as the key medium for consumption.

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7 Tips for Standing Out at CES 2018

Most of us think of this time of year as the season for planning Thanksgiving menus and bemoaning the ever earlier arrival of Holiday music in retail stores and shopping malls around the country. But for anyone working in technology, their eyes are already on the second week of January: we’re deep into planning season for CES, the biggest tech event of the year. And it’s not just tech companies. With tech as the new horizontal, brands in adjacent industries like automotive, healthcare, even sports are figuring out their game plan to break through. Here are seven tips that companies of any size can adopt, based on many years helping clients stand out at a very crowded venue:

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Study Notes on Juggling Work-Life Balance

All of us have commitments outside of the workplace. From volunteering to marathon running to evening classes – every day I learn about people pursuing their passions outside of the office. In a 24/7 world where achieving work-life harmony is a daily challenge, how do you manage it? How do you perform well in a demanding job and find time to fulfill your passions? (I’m not even going to mention working parents here – you are my personal superheroes.)

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The Swipe is Right: Converting Millennials into Brand Loyalists

I recently had the pleasure of attending “PRWeek Swipe Right,” which featured leaders and organizations that are disrupting the business landscape by converting millennials and digital natives into brand loyalists. As a millennial, it was particularly interesting and beneficial to hear unique perspectives on harnessing the influence of my generational namesake, and how best to resonate with them as a brand. After all, U.S. millennials and Generation Z will shell out an estimated $250 billion this year.

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From Harambe to Fiona: A Reputational Turnaround Success Story

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The internet’s hottest influencer doesn’t have her own social channels. I know what you’re thinking: you can’t call yourself an influencer without social channels – that’s completely hypo-critical. And you’d be right about one thing: I’m talking about a hippo, and she is definitely a critical part of the story here.

Today, I’m taking a deep dive into Fiona the Hippo’s rise to internet superstardom and how she helped the Cincinnati Zoo orchestrate a brilliant reputational overhaul.

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