Maybe We Need to Call It ThanksShowing?

I was on a flight earlier this week and watched a man give up his seat in first class to a mother with her infant. As he graciously joined the rest of us back in coach, he probably noticed, like I did, the many passengers flipping through magazines with big turkeys on their covers heralding the Thanksgiving holiday. The connection hit me. Is it enough for us to just give thanks? This guy actually showed us what the holiday is all about (click to tweet).

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7 Lessons for Effective Leadership

As Seen In…World Economic Forum Agenda Blog

“Please, pray for me”. With those words, Pope Francis closes every speech and sermon he gives.

This is a powerful acknowledgement of one’s own imperfections from the leader who came second only to Nelson Mandela in the Forum’s recent Global Shapers Annual Survey, which asked the community which leaders they most admired. It is also a crucial lesson in leadership. There is a temptation to portray leaders as infallible, and this is one of the greatest enemies of excellence in leadership.

This was brought home to me recently while listening to a speech in Johannesburg on leadership lessons from South Africa’s history. During the Q&A, a senior communicator in the South African government’s communications team posed an excellent question: as communicators, is the tendency to portray our leaders as near perfect demi-gods part of the reason why they are viewed so terribly by so many (click to tweet)?

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VIDEO: A look ahead from Capstrat’s future CEO

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This week marks a change at Capstrat. On Tuesday, we announced new roles for our founder Ken Eudy (Chairman) and me (CEO/President), effective January 1. This transition, planned over time to ensure continuity in our leadership, is a significant change for our agency.

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Building Your Change GPS with Data You Already Have

Change has changed: a cliché but it’s true. Organizations are operating more fluidly using informal networks. This new behavior coupled with today’s pace and complexity of change means that companies need a data-driven approach to leading change. To understand this let’s take a look at how change management has evolved.

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Celebrating the Success of Ketchum’s Partner Room to Read

Students of the Kna Primary School celebrate Room to Read reaching 10 million children.

Room to Read set a bold goal fifteen years ago, at its inception, to reach 10 million children with its literacy and girls’ education programs by 2020. Ketchum CEO, Rob Flaherty and his wife Tammy joined the Room to Read founders and several donors at a ceremony outside Siem Reap, Cambodia to celebrate this major milestone, achieved well ahead of schedule. The visit included two days of visits to several schools and libraries established by Room to Read. Rob also provided communications training to the Room to Read board on how to best communicate their new five-year strategic plan. Below are Rob’s impressions of his time in Cambodia in support of Room to Read…

Portraits drawn by students were presented to Room to Read founders (from left): John Wood, Dinesh Shrestha and Erin Ganju.
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#BlogHerFood 2015 Conference: The Power of the Food Influencer

Last weekend, I attended the seventh annual BlogHer Food Conference in Chicago, which hosted over 600 attendees including bloggers and brands.

BlogHer (bought by SheKnows Media in 2014), began as a conference in 2005 bringing together US women engaging on social media to create a sense of community. Today, it is the world’s largest conference for women content creators. This year, BlogHer took place in July in New York City, but since food is one of the most popular topics, the group hosts a separate food conference every year.

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Empowering “Entry Level CEOs” to Speak Up and Stand Out!

This weekend, I spoke to several hundred college students at the PRSSA International Conference in Atlanta. It was a thrilling experience, and those who know me well won’t be surprised to hear that I encouraged them to fearlessly lean in to their innate leadership qualities—to boldly speak up and stand out.

In an era of disruption and continuous change, I’m surprised at the number of industry pundits who continue to opine about how difficult it is to manage a millennial workforce or how things are different today. It is not difficult. It is markedly different from our experience as entry level employees.

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How a “Geek Beyond Measure” Became CEO of Ketchum Europe

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“I was a geek beyond measure as a teenager (this may be chronic).” This is the confession of David Gallagher, CEO Europe of PR firm Ketchum, as he describes how he has changed (or not) since his earliest years growing up in the US. “Over the course of a year, I sat on our sofa and read volumes of an encyclopaedia, and my interests jumped from volume to volume – this was pre-digital. At different times I wanted to be, in alphabetical order: an astronomer, a historian (specializing in Native American tribes), a paleontologist and a zoologist. I actually went to university with the intent of studying astronomy, but the mathematics required quickly shattered that delusion. I drifted to advertising and ultimately to journalism.”

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Eight Areas of Social & Digital Planning for 2016

As organizations around the world lay the groundwork for their 2016 plans, here are eight areas of focus in the social and digital space that I believe will be critical for the year ahead (click to tweet).

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