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Kelley is a Partner and Director of Ketchum's Global Brand Marketing Practice. She is the author of of the business book, Too Busy to Shop: Marketing to Multi-Minding Women (Praeger/Mar 2009) and the architect of the widely-publicized Women 25to54 offering.

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Do You Hear Me?

Your customers are talking, Tweeting, texting and tubing (YouTubing, that is) and they have a lot to say. Do you, as a marketer, hear them? Do you care? What impact does that input have on your company? How are you changing how you do business as a result of listening to consumers? How do you let them know you’ve heard them? Have you joined the conversation? How do you measure that activity?

These are questions that consumers, especially female consumers, are asking of your business or brand. If you don’t hear them, then you are not listening well enough. There are more channels than ever before to listen to opinions, recommendations and dissatisfactions and those channels are available to you and to your consumers. Active and real-time listening is critical to succeed in marketing with women.

Date just released in the 2010 BlogHer Social Media Matters Study, sponsored by Ketchum, shows consumers are prepared to take action if companies do not listen to them. According to the research, consumers agree — the best way they can influence companies, the products they develop and how they market to consumers is by not buying products. Fully 62% of women and 54% of men are prepared to walk away if they don’t approve of how you do business.

I hope you hear your consumers loud and clear. 

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Does Social Media Matter?

Research, or any recent conversation with a marketer will tell you that social media is one of the marketing hottest topics. What’s working? What’s not? What’s the latest? How do I put it in context? That’s why Ketchum’s Brand Marketing Practice decided to sponsor BlogHer’s annual social media study, aptly named, the 2010 Social Media Matters Study.

Findings from the study will help marketers better understand where to focus online, especially when it comes to purchase recommendations. Key findings include:

Social media is growing with over three-quarters (77%) of adults 18+ online now participating weekly or more3 in 4 women online are active social media usersBlogs are second only to Internet search as the preferred media source for product purchasing information for BlogHer Network usersHalf of the total US online population and 81% of the BlogHer Network audience turn to blogs for advice and guidanceMen are just as active as women in social media, but they prefer different destinations (YouTube vs. Facebook or social gaming)

Does social media matter? Just if you want consumers to buy or recommend your product.

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