About Gur Tsabar and Amber Wilson

About Gur Tsabar

As SVP for Social Issues, Digital Strategy and Innovations, Gur is the guy clients call when they simply need a new way forward; when their words and actions fall on the seemingly deaf ears of an increasingly vocal public. Gur has guided the world's largest and most innovative Fortune 500 companies, industry associations, non-profit and governmental organizations by devising strategic narratives and storytelling platforms that breakthrough the clutter on the social web. Gur also publishes the Our Authentic Careers podcast; co-founded Room Eight, one of New York's oldest and most influential community political blogs; and co-authored Friending Your Emotions, an illustrated children's book for early readers.

About Amber Wilson

With a Masters in Nutrition Communication from Tufts University, Amber is an expert at weeding through complex nutrition science and breaking it down to basic, everyday language. Amber combines her knowledge of nutrition science and the health professional perspective of a registered dietitian with her communications experience to execute both consumer and influencer programs for her clients. Amber’s nutrition specialty is in the plant-based and natural foods space.

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A Seismic Shift in Our Eating Behavior

Remember the food pyramid from health class? It wasn’t that long ago that a meal was considered incomplete if portions of meat, dairy and other animal-based proteins were not included as part of the occasion. Nor was it that long ago when diets, like vegetarian and vegan, resided almost exclusively on the fringe.

Today we are at a tipping point, experiencing a seismic shift in the way people eat and approach their food. By all indications, Americans are ravenous for plant-based foods like they’ve never been before.

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