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Jim Lin is an SVP, Digital Strategist at Ketchum, San Francisco, and the blogger behind the popular Busy Dad Blog (http://www.busydadblog.com/). Honored by Babble.com as 2011’s funniest dad blog, his blog documents the lighthearted, humorous side of his adventures as a father of two. He is also active in conference circles, having served as a speaker/panelist at BlogHer, BlogWorld, Blissdom, Dad 2.0, Bulldog Reporter and Type-A Parent. His position at Ketchum represents the first time he’s broken his “separation of blog and state” rule, integrating his personal passion for blogging into his professional life. This basically means he no longer has to scramble to minimize his Twitter window whenever someone walks into his office.

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Your Most Important Tweets Ever? Your Last Five

If you’re on Twitter, or have a client on it, I want you to do something right now. Go to that profile page and read the last five tweets. You just read the five most important tweets of all time. These are the tweets that determine whether or not you get followed.

Why? Because unless you’re Oreo, chances are you won’t ever be able to rest on your laurels with one tweet. Twitter is a stream – it is the CB radio of the digital age. People jump on, jump off and jump in whenever something floats by that interests them. That not only goes for conversation, but for accounts to follow. The decision usually involves clicking on a profile and checking out the most recent tweets. And in the same way being on the second page of Google isn’t much better than the 100th, it is your most recent tweets that decide your fate.

So what can you do to optimize those fateful tweets? It’s not as hard as you think. Here are five quick tips to ensure that your last five tweets turn observers into followers:

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5 Tips for Working with Food Bloggers, Written by a Blogger.

As a longtime blogger in the parenting space, I’ve reached that point in Internet years where I can reminisce about posting on a blogger.com template uphill in the snow both ways. From this vantage point, I’ve witnessed a gradual evolution in both the motivations behind blogging, as well as the dynamic of bloggers within the ecosystem of readers and brands.

As a newly-minted digital strategist for a public relations agency, I recently attended the BlogHer Food conference. I went to familiarize myself with the food blogging space and peer into it through marketing-colored lenses. Here are some of my observations and related takeaways:

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