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Based in New York, John is a Vice President on the Strategy team of Ketchum Digital, where he provides social media & integrated digital marketing counsel to global brands across Ketchum's client portfolio. Follow him at: @jratlee

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Spring Cleaning: Who Moved My Click?

With so much content flying across our screens on a daily basis, it can be hard for brand communicators to figure out the best way to get a message across and ensure someone sees it. The “click-through” has long been a holy grail of measurement when it comes to an understanding of the effectiveness of a digital channel in the marketing mix but those days are drawing to a close.

If “content exposure” becomes the hot new signal that attributes marketing success, new platforms that champion passive scrolling, or the use of video, will be the most highly prioritized destinations for a client’s content to live. Putting this shift into context against Adweek’s Digital Hot List, it opens a window for today’s bravest marketers to get in early with creative programming that uses the unique attributes of today’s trending communities.

With spring ramping up here in the Northeast and summer staring at us in the face, what should you know about the technology that consumers will be “thumb-stopping” on while laying poolside? Let’s take a post-Hot List swing around the icons:

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