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At Ketchum for 15 years, Mindy is the firm's Chief Communications Officer and a member of its Global Leadership Council. With experience in both agency and corporate environments, Mindy is passionate about all aspects of communications. In her free time, she can be found exploring the latest cultural event, walking in New York City or traveling to a new destination - usually with a camera in hand to capture the moment.

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7 Lessons Learned from Taking a Photo a Day for 366 Days

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A few years ago a photographer friend of mine told me about something called the 365 photo challenge. She explained it quite simply. You take a photo a day for 365 days and post the photo on the same day you took it. At the time I remember being intrigued, and thinking it sounded both exciting and daunting. I mentally filed it away not really considering whether it was something I would ever do.

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The Value of Time – It’s All Relative: Reflections from TEDWomen

Like most of us, I struggle with the concept of time. Why if time is constant – 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day – do some days fly by while others seem to last forever? Why does an hour waiting in line feel five times as long as an hour spent sharing a meal? WHY do I never seem to have enough time?

As a communicator, time comes into play as we often find ourselves fighting the clock, working to beat the clock and wishing we could stop the clock on a daily basis.

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When a Communicator Struggles to Make Meaning

Someone I work with often says that as leaders and communicators our job is to help make meaning out of what is happening for others. I agree and strive to do my best to do just that. But yesterday – after learning what can only be described as some, incredibly difficult, shocking news – I came to a realization; there are times when even a communicator runs out of words and is incapable of bringing forth any sense of meaning.

About a month ago I was told that my friend and former colleague, a wonderful man named Peter Wolf, had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that had metastasized to his liver. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t even repeat it. I made a conscious decision to keep hope alive.

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When You Think the Best of Others, You Get the Best From Others

Ever notice that when you’re with friends who think you’re clever, you become markedly more clever, with blog-worthy commentary and sharp-witted comebacks effortlessly tumbling from mind to mouth? You might even think, “Who knew I was so clever!” But then when you’re with someone who questions your talent and abilities, your confidence deflates—doubt creeps in and you struggle for the right words to complete a thought. Perception becomes reality.

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Epiphanies and Advice from Campers (Video)

Every two years, Ketchum sends our most promising young leaders off to Camp Ketchum for what we hope will be a transformative educational experience. Founded in 1986, Camp Ketchum is well recognized and celebrated as one of the most innovative training programs in the communications industry.

This year, 80 campers assembled at Abbaye de la Ramée in Belgium for the coveted opportunity to learn cutting edge approaches to our business, engage in a competitive client challenge and experiment, co-create, collaborate and build relationships with a mix of more than 100 colleagues and counselors from 16 different countries around the world.

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10 Ted-Inspired Tips for Telling a Story

Last month I had the privilege of attending the TEDWomen “Invented Here” conference in San Francisco. After listening to powerful sessions focused on everything from novel ways to address poverty to new approaches to leadership, I left the event feeling inspired and energized.

Since then, I’ve thought a lot about what made the talks so compelling and what gave the stories the power to stay with me. Clearly the presenters had meaningful, timely stories to tell but beyond that, the presenters combined those stories with insights, a sense of entertainment and used effective storytelling techniques that kept the audience laughing, gasping and cheering in response.

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