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Rich Halberg is a Principal at Daggerwing Group, a global management consultancy that helps executives accelerate growth by optimizing the intersection of business goals, customer needs and employee experience.

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Hard Target: An Employee Behavior Change Approach to Cyber-Security

Big or small, publicly held or privately owned, every business is worried it will be the next victim of a cyber-attack.

They’re right to be concerned.

Hackers launch thousands of attacks each day to gain access to private networks and sensitive data. With the average cost of each successful data breach approaching $4 million, the cyber-attack pandemic is like a lottery no business wants to play: millions of chances each year to lose millions of dollars.

To defend themselves, companies worldwide will spend more than $80 billion on cyber-security hardware, software and services in 2017. But that investment will do little to address one of the weakest links in the data security defense chain: employee behavior.

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