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Simeon is responsible for managing the overall business of the Hong Kong office and driving its development. Simeon also has a strong client focus in his work. As head of the Corporate and Technology Practice at Ketchum Hong Kong he provides senior counsel on corporate positioning, reputation management, brand building, issues and crisis management, and sponsorship and sports marketing. Simeon also leads the region's Broadcast Media Strategy Group which provides specialist insight into media relations targeting TV.

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Selling Human: Navigating Audience Engagement in the Age of Influence

In today’s world, conversation is the expectation. You should build relationships with target tribes by seeding and sharing relevant content.

When was the last time you had – or triggered – a water cooler moment? The phrase seems to have lapsed into the annals of marketing history. They still happen, but perhaps we call them something else, like a meme, because now they happen more often in the digital space rather than the physical space. Those nuggets of pop culture gossip or fascinating facts and must buy items that were traditionally shared among a group around the office water fountain or pantry are now shared instantly across a virtual group over social media from a smartphone.

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The Role of Social Media in Crisis Situations

Social media has changed absolutely everything and absolutely nothing in crisis communications.

I’m on my way to the International Air Transport Association’s Crisis Communications Conference in Hong Kong today and much of the discussion leading up to the event has focused on the impact of social media in crisis situations, and for good reason. Social media has been a transformative catalyst in both responding to and managing crises, creating both considerable challenges and very real opportunities for communicators across all industry sectors.

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Can You Hear Me Now? The Digital Age & the End of the Voice Call

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend: a decline in share of voice. No, not that share of voice… I’m talking about the familiarity, trust and nuance gained by connecting via the spoken word. It seems that, in this increasingly digital landscape, the phone call has all but disappeared. The aversion is so great that I’ve even begun to notice colleagues commenting on how the lack of a “human touch” is leading to less intimacy in their professional relationships.

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Growing Pains in the Digital Era

As Seen In… Marketing Magazine.

In Hong Kong we’re used to asking each other, “How’s business?” and typically responding, “Busy.” Whether the economy is in an upswing or a downswing the response is always the same. So it’s useful every now and then to look under the hood to see what’s really going on in the PR industry.

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Time to Refocus on Reputation

I think we’ve let ourselves get distracted over the past couple of years by the digital bandwagon. We’ve got all of these new communications channels all around us that promise so much. But what has really changed?

Regardless of whether you are broadcasting on Facebook, Sina Weibo or YouTube, we still have our target audiences just as we had with newspapers, TV and radio. We’ve always had “fans” who “like” us and detractors who don’t. Deciding which side of the fence to sit on is still based on values and behavior.

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